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Sep 12 '14 16:26

A rabbi from Israel who was on the run from sexual misconduct charges, was nabbed on arrival at Schiphol Airport on Thursday.

2008 BMW M3 E92 in Dutch police livery
Sep 11 '14 16:32

A man was stabbed to death in his house in Den Bosch early on Thursday morning. A 52 year old man, living in the same house has been arrested.

Sep 11 '14 14:13

The police have arrested a 28 year old man from Hellevoetsluis on suspicion of the possession, distribution and manufacture of child pornography. The man approached young girls using internet games.

Sep 11 '14 13:35

A Utrecht court is set to preside over an emergency hearing on Thursday afternoon over leaked budgetary figures. On Tuesday, RTL published prematurely disclosed figures about purchasing power which were scheduled to be publicly announced on Prinsjesdag.

Surveillance camera
Sep 11 '14 10:46

Schiphol airport is testing new technology that would be able to spot suspicious behavior more easily, and then tip off the Royal Military Police. The Police hopes that this new camera technology will help them track down criminals and prevent attacks, reports.

Sep 11 '14 10:28

A 27-year-old man currently in custody on suspicion of violent robbery during the Deurne jewelry heist is claiming that he had no role in the incident. His lawyer, Gerard Spong, announced this Wednesday, De Gelderlander reports.

Sep 11 '14 10:18

The Municipality of Amsterdam has shut 30 illegal hotels in the city over the last three weeks, and has imposed fines amounting to more than €216,000 to other establishments, as part of a wide and ongoing operation to tackle illegal hotels in Amsterdam. Het Parool reports.

Sep 10 '14 16:29

Two men who threw stones at the police during an anti IS demonstration in Schilderwijk, The Hague, have surrendered to the police.

2008 BMW M3 E92 in Dutch police livery
Sep 10 '14 13:22

The police have released photos on the internet of ten people suspected of throwing stones at the police during the organization Pro Patria's "march of freedom" in The Hague on August 10th.

Sep 10 '14 11:35

The Department of Justice has released new footage relating to the murder of 48-year-old Robert Voorhorst in Zwolle last week, and is asking for witnesses to help in identifying the culprits, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

Fred Teeven
Sep 10 '14 10:13

Hard criminals in The Netherlands should receive lifelong trial release from prison even if the judge has not laid down a probationary period, according to a majority in Parliament. MPs propose a plan to allow probation officers to keep supervising these criminals throughout their lives outside prison, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

Sep 10 '14 09:44

A silver reliquary belonging to the Greek orthodox church in Rotterdam was stolen on Saturday afternoon. According to the church, the box contained pieces of the very cross where Jesus Christ was crucified 2000 years ago, along with other items, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

Sep 10 '14 09:06

Statistics show an annual drop in the number of young people aged between 12 and 25 who are placed under suspicion of criminal activity. The number of youths of non-native Dutch origin suspected of crimes, however, is dropping less quickly, Het Parool reports.

Brabant Riot
Sep 10 '14 08:32

At least 65 of the 100 people arrested in December last year during the riots in Veen have claimed damages with the Department of Justice. They argue that they were falsely arrested, their lawyer Marc Crombach announces, Omroep Brabant reports.

Sep 10 '14 08:08

Police have arrested a second suspect in the case surrounding the secret recording of womens' locker rooms at the HGC hockey club in Wassenaar. This arrest was made on the 26th of August. Police are also looking for a third suspect, and the Department of Justice is investigating how far the recorded material has been spread, Het Parool reports.

Sep 9 '14 16:59

A group of children hurled a shopping trolley out of a third story apartment on Jan Luykenlaan in Leiden on Sunday, hitting an eight-year-old girl while she was playing on the street. The victim was immediately rushed to an area hospital with head injures, concussion and bruises to the neck and back.

Sep 9 '14 16:29

A 35 year old man from Vught has been arrested on suspicion of arson at mental health institution Renier van Arkel in Den Bosch.

Beach chairs, Eastern Scheldt, Ouwerkerk, Schouwen-duiveland, Zeeland
Sep 9 '14 16:16

A 92 year old resident of Breda became the victim of one of the many "chat scams" in recent times.

Rooyse Wissel TBS Clinic
Sep 9 '14 16:12

A prisoner suffering from mental illness has escaped from the Rooyse Wissel clinic after successfully forging a leave card. A report by “Dit is de Dag Onderzoek” reveals that the prisoner’s escape was facilitated by the forged signature of a staff member.

Sep 9 '14 15:52

The Public Prosecutor offered a 15 thousand euro reward for information leading to a breakthrough in the murder case in Zwolle.

Sep 9 '14 13:06

After Tuesday's Dutch Safety Board release of a highly-anticipated preliminary report on its findings from the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 plane crash investigation, social media sites such as Twitter became overflowed with people expressing opinions on the initial conclusions.

Sep 8 '14 15:37

Badr Hari's younger brother, Yassine, will appear before the court in Amsterdam on September 18th for committing perjury in the trail against Badr, Volkskrant reports.

Sep 8 '14 13:52

Parties in the Dutch film industry wants to send letters to internet users who download movies from illegal sources, in which they are made aware of their behavior, reports.

Sep 8 '14 13:17

A boy was sentenced to time in prison this week because he arranged a free flight in a private jet, using lies and fraud.