Police_Car_The_Netherlands (Source: Wikimedia)
Aug 25 '14 16:41

The police have arrested another suspect in the ongoing investigation into the killings in Staatsliedenbuurt in Amsterdam. Two men were killed in December 2012 and the police were shot at with automatic weapons.

2008 BMW M3 E92 in Dutch police livery
Aug 25 '14 16:17

A 26-year-old man from the Belgian province of Lommel, Limburg was busted for driving nearly twice the speed limit while drag racing two police officers. The man, wrongly believing that the two officers wanted to race him while at a red light, took off when the light turned green.

Aug 25 '14 10:32

The court in Amsterdam will be the scene of a new preparatory session in the case of the shooting in the city's Staatsliedenbuurt on the 29th of December 2012, in which two men were killed. The suspects in the hearing are 34-year-old Anouar B. and 26-year-old Adil A., Elsevier reports.

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Aug 25 '14 09:03

A couple in Tilburg literally went above all Sunday morning to show each other affection. The two climbed up a 30-meter crane where they apparently had sex.

Gender Symbols (Source: Wikimedia)
Aug 22 '14 16:04

The Board for the Protection of Human Rights in Utrecht ruled that insurers must not calculate injury compensation for young women differently that for young men, as this would be discrimination.

Police Station in Leeuwarden (Source: Wikimedia/JP de Koning)
Aug 22 '14 15:08

On Friday August 15th two men, age 21 and 25, were arrested in Leeuwarden on suspicion of human trafficking. Two women, age 16 and 17, were also arrested for having false travel documentation. All four suspects are of Romanian descent.

The Vinkeveense Plassen. Source: Wikimedia/Jan Dijkstra
Aug 22 '14 14:22

The captain of the speedboat involved in the fatal collision on the Vinkeveense Plassen early in August has been released. The speedboat rammed into a sloop, leaving two of the sloop's four passengers dead.

Computer keyboard
Aug 22 '14 13:39

The 19-year-old Rotterdam hacker Jair M., responsible for uncovering the exam fraud at the Ibn Ghaldoun school, has spent years hacking into girls' computers to spy on them via their webcam.

Aug 22 '14 13:39

The police found a drug lab in Heuvelstreet, Moergestel on Thursday morning. Specialists are working on the safe disposal of the chemicals found.

Aug 22 '14 08:54

Police in The Hague are launching a special team to focus solely on jihadists. In this way, Minister Ivo Opstelten of Security and Justice hopes to put a stop to Dutch sympathizers of IS and other radical groups, De Telegraaf reports.

Utrecht Meteorite
Aug 22 '14 08:18

The meteorite stolen from the astronomy museum Sonnenborgh has been recovered. Two tennis players from Utrecht discovered the space rock that came down in Serooskerke while looking for a ball hit out of the court, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

financial-fraud (Source:
Aug 21 '14 13:38

Dutch society loses about €30 billion annually to fraudsters, including scams such as insurance fraud and swindling with benefits. The guilty parties are rarely caught, according to daily newspaper Metro.

Aug 21 '14 11:52

Police in Eindhoven are looking for two teenage boys in two cases in which birds were beaten to death. In the area of Stratum, on Tuesday the 19th of August, the owner of a meadow caught the two boys in the act of beating the birds.

Police sign
Aug 21 '14 09:49

Police in Utrecht are looking for two teenagers who robbed a 36-year-old woman in a violent manner on Tuesday late afternoon. The boys threatened the victim, and subsequently threw stones at her head, causing her injury.

Aug 21 '14 09:36

The glorification of violence on social media is something that worries the Public Prosecution Authority (OM) in The Netherlands. The OM is monitoring the internet for signs of this, as well as calls to open violence, but cannot yet take action against this, as there is no law to allow this, De Telegraaf reports.

Hoofdingang_Beverwijkse_Bazaar (Source: Wikimedia)
Aug 20 '14 16:57

Eight major brand names have filed a lawsuit against De Bazaar in Beverwijk for facilitating trade in counterfeit goods. These brands include Armani, Beats by Dr. Dre, Björn Borg, Chanel, and True Religion.

Aug 20 '14 16:44

One of the only meteorites ever found in the Netherlands has been stolen from the Sonnenborgh Museum and Observatory in Utrecht.

Aug 20 '14 15:27

Authorities have not yet been able to determine what caused the death of a baby found in a bag in March.

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Aug 20 '14 13:06

Police in The Hague report that they arrested a 16-year-old man on Wednesday morning on suspicion of his involvement in several outbursts of violence and hooliganism during the demonstration on the Hoefkade on the 10th of August.

Aug 20 '14 10:29

The 42-year-old director of a taxi company, believed to be Prestige Greencab in Utrecht, was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of having embezzled €1.6 million in subsidy money. The Public Prosecution Authority (OM) will not confirm the name of the cab company, RTV Utrecht reports.

Aug 20 '14 10:00

According to German Authorities, a grow shop in The Hague's Mandarijnstraat was the epicenter of the biggest ever credit fraud case of The Netherlands, in which €30 million was stolen in one night, De Telegraaf reports.

Bullet hole.
Aug 20 '14 08:39

Police in Amsterdam warn that more street executions in the city could become a reality after Monday's violent death of notorious criminal Deriaoui van der Meijden.

ATM (Source:  Wikimedia)
Aug 19 '14 16:56

An ATM was bombed in Leidsewallen station in Zoetermeer on Tuesday morning, reports. No cash was stolen in the incident.

Police_Car_The_Netherlands (Source: Wikimedia)
Aug 19 '14 16:34

A shot was fired in Wijngaardsweg in Hoensbroek, Herleen after a 24-year-old man from Saint Georges, Belgium tried to outrun a police check on Tuesday.