Feb 12 '14 04:34

A former treasurer of Iris, an association for Christian Education in Kampen, was sentenced to 30 months in prison with 12 months probation, for embezzling 3.5 million euros.

Feb 12 '14 04:32

The Dutch polices shut down an online marketplace, Utopia, where illegal goods, such as drug, were sold. The site was only accessible through the TOR network, a network that facilitates anonymous surfing.

Feb 12 '14 04:31

A Vietnamese student, Lee Vu, who is suspected of laundering, fraud and computer hacking in the U.S.A., will be extradited to that country, decided Minister Ivo Opstelten of Security and Justice. The decision bashes the student's hope of finishing his study.

Feb 11 '14 19:31

An 18-year-old boy became the victim of a violent bike theft in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam early Saturday morning around 5:10, during which he sustained a head injury.

Feb 11 '14 19:14

The association "Friends of Vondelpark" received sixteen complaints last year from neighbors, complaining play grounds in the park have been taken over by "boot campers."

Feb 11 '14 14:50

Construction workers, who were on the job in the center of Nijmegen, were suddenly attacked by a Nijmegen local with a sword.

Feb 11 '14 14:32

Former D66 Minister Els Borst, did not die from a natural cause. Police are trying to determine whether her death is the result of an accident or a crime.

No image available
Feb 11 '14 14:27

The Denekamp councilman who plundered the bank account of a local funeral association he was treasurer of, has been arrested in Portugal.

Almelo Court House
Feb 11 '14 08:31

Today, the case of ex-neurologist Ernst Jansen will be addressed after months of handling, and a course of more than ten years.

Feb 11 '14 08:00

Police in Brabant have dismantled eleven cannabis farms. Around 2700 plants have been confiscated, and six suspects have been arrested, including two Bulgarians.

Pepper Spray
Feb 11 '14 06:21

She may be in her twilight years, but that doesn't mean Larissa Olkhovsky can't punch someone's lights out.

Feb 11 '14 04:34

Former Minister Els Borst passed away Monday night in her home in Bilthoven at the respectable age of 81. The news was confirmed on Twitter by D66 chairman Alexander Pechtold.

Feb 11 '14 04:33

Benten Wijnen bought a stolen bike from a drug addict for 20 euros and placed a picture on Facebook in an attempt to find the rightful owner. While filming on site for the BNN show "De Social Club," his own bike was stolen.

Feb 11 '14 04:32

Sheldon V. (18) and Stefan T. (17) appeared before the Amsterdam court Monday for five armed robberies and one kidnapping in Amsterdam and Nieuw-Vennep between April 4 and May 29, last year.

Feb 10 '14 16:21

Two Dutch men went missing in Ireland, during a stroll in the Southern county of Cork, according to reports from Irish media, Monday.

Feb 10 '14 16:03

An NS service and security officer was pushed on the tracks at the Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station, Saturday night between 22:00 and 22:30, by a friend of a fare dodging traveler. The man sustained a severe concussion.

Feb 10 '14 14:15

Police arrested two men from the sanitation department in Kerkrade, after the King's silver of fellowship St. Sebastianus disappeared last year. The King's silver consists of 200 silver plates, depicting the trades of the Kings.

Feb 10 '14 13:58

Nine people were arrested when authorities busted an illegal cigarette operation in Aalsmeer last week.

No image available
Feb 10 '14 13:07

A Frenchman driving around with €90,000 in a stolen BMW is in lock-up today, after crashing the vehicle in a failed get-away.

No image available
Feb 10 '14 11:58

Internet criminals will face tougher punishments as per a new directive from Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten.

Feb 10 '14 10:52

The impending debate in the House of Parliament over spying will see the biggest lawyers in military criminal law demanding the secret service MIVD for clarity about illegal phone taps.

Elou Akhiat
Feb 10 '14 09:58

The Moroccan entrepreneur Elou Akhiat (40) is being threatened with death because she opened a wine bar in Rotterdam this weekend.

Feb 10 '14 08:53

A 17-year old youth prevented an armed robber from entering his house in Voorschoten on Saturday evening.

Feb 10 '14 05:00

In the last half year, the Netherlands has experienced 250 break-ins a day.