Mar 16 '14 04:33

Three scan cars of parking inspection company Cition were secretly equipped with GPS trackers, in a joint effort by the Pirate Party and GeenStijl, to make a statement that the parking policy in Amsterdam needs to be revised, the collection of personal data and rise in parking fees need to stop.

Mar 15 '14 04:36

A 27-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman from Eindhoven were arrested Monday evening, only hours after the discovery of a baby corpse in Strijp. The couple is charged with murder and/or manslaughter.

Mar 15 '14 04:34

Three Dutch men were arrested, Tuesday, for trying to hack into the internal network of a Alkmaar consultancy firm, apparently looking for financial information about the inheritance of Willem Endstra, a realtor who was murdered in 2004.

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal Shooting
Mar 14 '14 19:31

A shooting incident Thursday afternoon on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal left a 40-year-old Russian wounded. The victim underwent surgery and is stable.

No image available
Mar 14 '14 16:04

A church minister said today that it was God who took the life of Els Borst so she could answer for the euthanasia law that she championed when she was Minister of Public Health.

Fred Teeven
Mar 14 '14 09:40

State secretary for Justice, Fred Teeven (VVD) has gotten away with the deal he made in his earlier function as public prosecutor with drug baron Cees H.

Mar 14 '14 08:20

Last week, police picked up three women who were dressed up as zombies at carnaval in Tegelen, and used their disguises to execute a street robbery.

Mar 13 '14 20:39

A bold rush hour shooting left one man injured and police in a desperate hunt to find the gunman. The incident happened at 5:12 p.m. near Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, and the offender ran off towards Amsterdam Centraal station, about 500 meters away.

Mar 13 '14 18:17

A motorcyclist who joined a procession in honor of a killed comrade, Thursday morning, was hurt in a crash himself. The starting point of the procession was the Surinameplein in Amsterdam, after which the convoy was going to proceed to the cemetery in Utrecht by way of the Piet Hein tunnel where his friend was killed.

Mar 13 '14 16:59

35-year-old Dutchman, Steven Craenmehr, was one of the two fatalities Thursday morning, when a drunk driver drove through a barrier and into a crowd, injuring dozens, five critical, in Austin Texas.

Mar 13 '14 16:53

Police say they have arrested the man who survived the strange incident in Almere that claimed the life of another man.

Mar 13 '14 16:11

Four men were arrested in a heroine bust in Amsterdam, Wednesday. 40 kilo's of heroine were seized with a street value of €1 million, according to the police.

Mar 13 '14 14:33

Burglars on the run deliberately ran into two motorcycle police officers in the night from Tuesday 11 to Wednesday 12 March in Amersfoort.

No image available
Mar 13 '14 12:05

The Prosecutor’s Office is opening an investigation into the alleged election rigging activities by Soest PvdA candidate Osman Suna.

Swimming pool
Mar 13 '14 08:07

A 28-year old man was apprehended on Monday for the sexual abuse of three boys between five and six years of age.

Mar 13 '14 06:56

The House of Parliament has known about Teeven's deal in 2000 with drugs baron Cees H. for more than ten years. The then-minister of Justice Benk Korthals was informed at length about the accord by the president of the college of general prosecutors, J. de Wijkerslooth.

Mar 12 '14 14:50

The police have been blowing up peoples' phones with texts asking for more information on the murder of GGZ manager Rob Zweekhorst from Berkel and Rodenrijs.

Fred Teeven
Mar 12 '14 13:37

State secretary for Justice, Fred Teeven, closed a deal in 2000 in which more than five million guilders (almost €2.3 million) of drug baron Cees H. was whitewashed. Now, MPs are demanding the matter be clarified.

The Dutch Bonnie & Clyde (Source: Twitter/@HartvNL)
Mar 12 '14 11:04

The Dutch Bonnie & Clyde, Antonio van der P. and Enise B., who were center stage last month in a wild police chase fom Dutch as well as German authorities are now embroiled in a new kidnapping case.

Mar 12 '14 10:19

A British terrorism informant claims that his parents convinced him to back out of a shoe-bomb plot he was instructed to do by Al-Qaeda, Sky News reports.

Mar 12 '14 07:20

It has now come to light that ex-minister Els Borst could have been dead for two days before she was found next to her car by her friends last month.

Mar 11 '14 18:18

The number of carnival burglaries between February 28 and March 3 dropped this year in Zealand and West-Brabant, but rose in East-Brabant, compared to last year, reported the police.

Mar 11 '14 17:57

A 28-year-old mother managed to prevent the kidnapping of her 4-year-old son, Monday, March 10, around 17:25 on the Dunant street in Zoetermeer. Police are looking for witnesses.

Mar 11 '14 17:15

A 17-year-old Winschoten local was arrested in his hometown Monday night after midnight on suspicion of manslaughter.