Oct 29 '14 08:33

Police have made several arrests in connection with the investigation of a man who fell from an apartment building in Zwolle last week Wednesday.

Oct 28 '14 12:56

Four young men from Amsterdam are in court today for the prolonged prostitution of very young girls, including girls of 14 and 15.

Oct 28 '14 11:08

The body that was found on Vestdijk in Eindhoven on Sunday, has been identified as a 17 year old girl from Geldrop. The suspect that has been arrested in this case is her 22 year old ex boyfriend from Heeze.

Oct 27 '14 13:23

A man turned himself in to the police after he held up a cafeteria in Duiven on Sunday. The 45 year old man from Duiven has been arrested.

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Oct 27 '14 11:37

A man died from an apparent drug overdose Sunday morning, while in custody of police in Amsterdam.

Oct 27 '14 11:32

The body of a woman was found on Sunday evening around 19:00 p.m. on Vestdijk in Eindhoven. The police suspect a crime.

Oct 27 '14 10:10

“It’s just a regular Dutchman who is very confused,” a police spokesperson said last night about a man who officers shot in his leg because they mistakenly thought he was carrying explosives.

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Oct 27 '14 09:49

A man died and another was badly injured during a stabbing incident in a house in Rotterdam last night.

Baby in garbage bin
Oct 27 '14 09:06

The Amsterdam police are searching for the parents of a newborn baby who was found in an underground garbage container on Saturday night. The woman who found the baby still can't believe it.

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Oct 27 '14 08:34

The outgoing chief of the Supreme Court, Geert Corstens, thinks that there should be limits to the number of criminal cases which are settled.

Oct 27 '14 07:55

The first public hearing of the notorious Utrecht serial rapist, takes place on Monday.

Baby in garbage bin
Oct 26 '14 14:42

A newborn baby was rescued from an underground garbage container overnight after someone walked by the bin and heard the girl crying. Paramedics, firefighters and police raced to the Fritz Conijnstraat in Amsterdam West at about 4:15 a.m. and found the days-old child upset, but in otherwise fair condition.

Oct 24 '14 14:42

Mark van N., the dentist who confessed to killing his wife and mutilated the death of some 100 patients, wants to die.

Oct 24 '14 13:26

On Wednesday the investigation team from Alphen found 14 birds in homes in Drunen and Den Bosch, seven of which are from the theft in Avifauna bird park.

Oct 24 '14 12:53

On Wednesday the EVA team of the police Den Haag arrested a 47 year old French fugitive in Grave.

Oct 24 '14 12:32

The police arrested a 33 year old woman and a 26 year old man from Zwolle yesterday.

Oct 24 '14 11:33

The Public Prosecutor has asked for a nine year prison sentence for the 30 year old man who strangled his partner and then drank chlorine to commit suicide.

Oct 24 '14 11:17

On Tuesday morning the police arrested a man suspected of involvement in the robbery and assault of three people in Rotterdam who thought he was selling baby formula.

Oct 23 '14 13:52

A Dutch man witnessed the attack in the Canadian capital Ottawa.

Oct 23 '14 13:34

On Wednesday morning the police arrested a 49 year old woman from Boxmeer for the frequent misuse of emergency line 112.

Oct 23 '14 10:57

The third suspect in the shooting incident on Soetdijkseplein turned himself in to the police on Wednesday night.

Oct 23 '14 09:19

The Public Prosecutor has initiated an investigation into possible fraud ad price fixing among companies in the automation industry.

Oct 22 '14 17:05

Police in the Hague arrest a 28-year-old resident suspected of trafficking large amounts of anabolic steroids. Officers from the Office of Regional Criminal Investigations were acting on a tip from counterparts in the United States when they made the arrest at the man’s home, police say.

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Oct 22 '14 13:52

Police in Maastricht bagged almost €27,000 in cash on Monday after a traffic stop at Steynboeckel. One man was arrested on suspicion of money laundering activities.