Oct 21 '13 00:03

Two parent companies of Amsterdam's Slotervaart Hospital are subjected to an investigation into mismanagement. Also, the administration of the two companies is suspended.

Oct 18 '13 14:03

Vestas recently announced that it will supply 43 offshore turbines for a wind project on off the coast of the Netherlands. The wind facility will generate green electricity for 150,000 households.

Oct 18 '13 00:57

Transport company Arriva wants to ride the Fyra route. It is in the interest of the traveler and the taxpayer for Secretary Mansveld to seriously examine the plan, according to Arriva director Hettinga during a hearing in the House.

Oct 17 '13 05:23

América Móvil has, on Wednesday evening, withdrawn their bid on KPN. KPN now has to move on alone. This has been announced by the company of the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim.

In August the Mexican telephone company had offered 2.40 euro per share. The price of the shares has risen in the past days, since there was a rumor that there was an agreement between América Móvil and KPN.

The Mexicans now withdrew from the negotiation table since they say that KPN only wants to talk further if the bid is raised.

Oct 9 '13 03:58

Fyra manufacturer AnsaldoBreda is not allowed access to three technical reports that the NS and the Belgian NMBS have used for their decision to quit with the V250 trains.

Oct 3 '13 05:54

As expected, the shareholders of KPN have voted on Wednesday in favor of the sales of the German part E-Plus. Telefónica Deutschland has paid KPN 8.5 billion euro for E-Plus.

Oct 2 '13 05:28

Not even one year after her last trip to the largest South American country, minister Lilianne Ploumen, of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, will again lead a trade mission to Brazil.

Last year the trade mission was a big success. Ship building company IHC Merwede was able to sign a contract for 1 billion euro.

This year the minister leads a group of 43 Dutch companies. The emphasis will be the transport sector the maritime sector and the sports sector. The last sector is joining probably with an eye to the World Cup which will be held next year in Brazil.

Sep 30 '13 08:15

The Oad bus company, which is part of the past week bankrupted Oad Group, is going to make a restart. That was announced by a spokesman of the curators on Sunday. Also SRC Culture Holidays, part of the Oad Group, gets a second life.

Sep 30 '13 03:55

The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) will open a branch in the United States. The majority of the members has agreed. This past week there was unrest because part of the member companies is afraid that the U.S. secret service NSA now gets easy access to the Dutch data over the internet.

Sep 27 '13 04:18

Minister Lilianne Ploumen of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation announced on Thursday that the Netherlands and Bolivia will start a cooperation to make use of, and make money froml, the gigantic amounts of Lithium that can be found in Bolivia.

The TU Delft and three Dutch companies are going to help Bolivia to put up a new company that will produce lithium batteries.

Sep 27 '13 02:55

The plan of Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX, the main internet hub in the Netherlands) to start a branch in the United States, is not supported by SURFnet, one of its main users.

Sep 26 '13 05:11

Travel organization Oad has been declared bankrupt on Wednesday. The company says that the bad economical climate and the reduced turnover in the travel branch have caused the bankruptcy.

Oad had to file for bankruptcy since they couldn’t pay their bills and salaries anymore.

Family owned company

Sep 20 '13 05:26

On Thursday four Dutch beer brands won a prize at the European Beer Star in Munich, the largest beer competition in Europe, reported the NOS. The Jopen beer brand from Haarlem even won two of the prizes.

Jopen brewery won gold in the category Dry Stout and silver in the category Belgian White Beer. Honey Beer from the  SNAB beer brewery from Purmerend got silver, and the Limburg Gulpener Beer took bronze.

Sep 20 '13 05:15

Over 1750 metal workers from the regions of Rotterdam and Eindhoven are striking on Friday. It includes employees of DAF, VDL Nedcar, Heerema, Damen and IHC Merwede. The action is the first in a series.

The unions FNV Metal and CNV Professionals want to express their dissatisfaction about the stalled collective bargaining in the metalworking and metalektro. The metal workers demands include wage increases and the possibility of a four-day week. In June 2500 people already campaigned for this

Sep 16 '13 03:28

Tax on diesel, LPG, ​​alcohol, and soft drinks will go up next year. Diesel will be three cents per liter more expensive, LPG ​​seven cents.

Sep 16 '13 02:58

The baseline for officials may be eased, but then there will be cuts in benefits.

Sep 10 '13 03:45

The Netherlands and Iraq are going to cooperate more closely in the economic field, according to Minister of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans, who met with with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussein al-Sharistani in Baghdad on Monday.

Timmermans says Baghdad will try to take away the bureaucratic barriers for doing business in Iraq. The PvdA Minister asked his discussion partners to ensure that investments will be protected. Both countries will also endeavor to prevent double taxation.

Sep 10 '13 02:26

Municipalities are obliged to make substantial cuts in spending on roads, sports, culture, public parks and street lights for the coming years.

Sep 6 '13 04:30

The bankrupt travel companies Baobab Travel and Travel Summum get a restart. Sawadee Travel announced on Thursday to take over both travel agencies.

Baobab and Summum were part of Terra Travel, which was bankrupt last. In late August the organization reported to the Travel Compensation Fund (SGR) that it could no longer meet its financial obligations.

Sep 4 '13 05:44

The Netherlands and India will work together more closely from now on. They will establish a joint committee that will look at how existing barriers can be overcome and how economic ties can be further strengthened. This was reported by Minister Lilianne Ploumen (Foreign Trade) on Tuesday after consultation with the Indian Minister of Commerce Anand Sharma.

Sep 4 '13 05:33

Wilma Mansveld, State Secretary of Infrastructure and Environment, wants to be able to intervene if chemical companies make such a mess, that the safety of people or the environment is at risk. To do this, she has to change the law, she wrote on Tuesday to the House.

Mansveld reacting to a recommendation of the Safety Investigation Board (OVV), which previously drafted a report about the poor safety situation at tank storage company Odfjell in the port of Rotterdam .

Sep 4 '13 01:45

Netherlands has disappeared from the top 5 most competitive economies. In the list of 148 countries in the World Economic Forum, our country has fallen from 5 to 8. The government policy is not successful, is the conclusion of the compilers.

Sep 3 '13 04:25

Activity in the Dutch industry increased in August to the highest rate since April 2011, according to figures of the Dutch Association of Purchasing Managers ( NEVI ), who  announced this on Monday.

The purchasing managers index reflects the activity, that rose from 50.8 in July to 53.5 last month. A position above 50 indicates growth, below 50 indicates shrinkage.

"Production increased sharply due to the largest increase in new orders since April 2011. Sales to abroad reached the highest level in 28 months," says the NEVI.

Sep 3 '13 03:01

Four out of five companies have staff with financial problems. The recession caused the number of people with problematic debt to double, reports Nibud.