construction worker
Mar 3 '14 16:14

About one third of the Dutch workforce, 37 percent, enjoys their job, according to study results of Effectory in their report 'The hidden potential of the Dutch workforce', which will be published in March.

Mar 3 '14 08:35

The Rotterdam inner-city travel service RET will make it possible to travel on an account.

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Mar 1 '14 04:32

Following Ziggo and XS4ALL, now KPN will also remove the block on The Pirate Bay website, announced KPN, Friday.

Feb 28 '14 04:32

High-end jewelry chain store, Siebel, was sold to the Russian Moscow Jewelry Factory, announced curator Marinus Pannevis Thursday.

Feb 27 '14 15:59

Chain supermarket, Jumbo, is very unhappy with the radio ads by "Wakker Dier," where they call on customers to 'no longer buy the horrible cut-prize chicken' from Jumbo.

Feb 27 '14 04:32

After a torrent of complaints Wednesday morning from customers who thought they had made double payments due to ING's mobile banking system being down again, ING announced all payments were only processed once.

Feb 26 '14 04:37

Ahmed Al-J, on trial for causing a fire in his cell in the Schiphol East alien detention center in October 2005, will be compensated by the Public Prosecution for his wrongful custody, ruled the court in The Hague, Tuesday morning. The fire cost 11 lives; Al-J himself was one of the severely wounded.

Feb 26 '14 04:32

Although the Netherlands is lagging behind other European countries when it comes to economic growth, the European Committee expects the Dutch economy to finally rise above the 3 percent allowed budget deficit in 2015. The budget deficit for 2014 is still 3.2 percent, but is anticipated to be down to 2.9 percent in 2015.

Alfa Romeo 4C
Feb 25 '14 10:34

Dutch firm and market leader for material technology Ten Cate from Nijverdal has closed a deal with Italian car manufacturers Alfa Romeo.

Oostvogel Almelo
Feb 25 '14 06:51

Fashion boutique Oostvogel in Almelo, established in 1795, shuts its doors after 219 years.

Feb 25 '14 04:36

After receiving an extension for payment, chain bookstore Polare was officially declared bankrupt, announced the curator, Kees van de Meent Monday afternoon. The stores will remain open for now.

Feb 25 '14 04:34

The Aldel foundry in Delfzijl will shut down, starting Wednesday morning. 'By Friday the shutdown will be complete,' announced curator Erik Eshuis.

Feb 25 '14 04:31

WhatsApp, a popular app for messaging and pictures, wants to add voice services to its app, later this year, announced CEO Jan Koum, Monday at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.

Feb 23 '14 04:32

The Inspectorate of environment and transport concluded there were no situations posing imminent danger, after an inspection of 1,500 tracks and signals. The inspection did, however, find many points for improvement, and observed many violations of the rules.

Feb 22 '14 04:34

It was announced, Friday, that Randstad CEO, Ben Noteboom, was fired by the Supervisory Board in October 2013. Noteboom received a generous severance payment of € 2.6 million.

Feb 22 '14 04:31

The Amsterdam Taxi service, TCM, lost its permit after the City found they may be engaged in criminal activities. TCM is the first company to lose its license after a BIBOP inspection.

Feb 21 '14 15:50

After 125 years the family owned chain department store, Maison de Bonneterie, closes the doors to its two main locations in Amsterdam and The Hague. The 100 staff members were informed this morning.

Feb 21 '14 12:25

Prices for houses have dropped by some 0.5 percent in the last year, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has reported.

Feb 21 '14 09:42

ABN Amro saw a €47 million loss in the fourth-quarter of last year, but made a total profit of €1.16 billion.

Feb 21 '14 04:35

The City of Amsterdam plans to lay off 900 of the 12,900 city officials in the next 2 years, but plans to follow a natural flow where possible, rather than rigorously cutting jobs, announced alderman Eric van der Burg of and organization Thursday in the City Council.

Feb 21 '14 04:33

Prompted by a request from D66 MP, Stientje van Veldhoven, for a debate concerning the chaos on the tracks around The Hague and Rotterdam, State Secretary Wilma Mansveld of Infrastructure will have to answer to parliament soon.

Feb 21 '14 04:31

The City of Amsterdam will invest a total of €200 million in the Long-Term Cycle Plan 2012-2016, to combat bicycle related parking issues and improve the cycle network in the City. Amsterdam locals are currently cycling about 2 million km a day, and bicycle usage has grown with 40 percent over the past 20 years. The plan will provide 40,000 extra bike parking spaces in addition to 15 km of new bike lanes.

John de Mol
Feb 20 '14 16:20

John de Mol, cofounder of Endemol TV productions, lost the battle to gain the majority in the ownership of the world's largest independent production company. Apollo, an American Investment Company gained the majority of the shares by striking a deal with the creditors, reported the Financieele Dagblad.

Feb 20 '14 08:54

Social media giant Facebook is set to buy cross-platform mobile messaging service WhatsApp for $16 billion, they announced Wednesday.