NS train at the Eindhoven Station
Feb 27 '20 08:06

NS is presenting special public transport tickets for teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18, which are cheaper than normal train tickets. The Dutch rail company hopes that this will encourage more young people to take the train. The new teen tickets will be available from the summer, NOS reports.

Arriva train
Feb 26 '20 16:30

Arriva travelers between Friesland and Groningen will soon no longer have the option to pay more for extra comforts. The first class sections on Arriva trains on the line between Leeuwarden and Groningen will disappear as of December 13th, the transit company and the two provinces announced, reports

By replacing the first-class coupes there will be more room to improve second class, Arriva said. Passengers traveling in second-class compartments on the Leeuwarden-Groningen line will have access to folding tables and USB ports to charge their phones after December 13th.

A KLM plane at an icy Schiphol Airport, 12 Feb 2018
Feb 26 '20 13:55

A series of budget cuts and spending restrictions are being put in place at KLM as financial consequences caused by the global coronavirus outbreak have continued. The Dutch flag carrier said the measures were meant to “safeguard our operating income,” according to a letter sent by the airline’s CFO, Erik Swelheim, on Wednesday.

Mobile communication antenna
Feb 26 '20 12:50

Telecom providers in the Netherlands are having a hard time putting up the extra mobile masts necessary for the 5G network, they said to newspaper AD. Residents are doing all they can to block the installation of these masts due to concerns over radiation, though there is no conclusive scientific evidence that this entails health risks and the radiation seems to be below the limits set by the authorities, the newspaper reports.

Feb 26 '20 10:27

Most global stock exchanges are tanking because of the coronavirus issues. The Amsterdam stock exchange index AEX is no exception. By 10:10 a.m. it had fallen nearly three percent from yesterday’s close, sitting at 565.29.

With coronavirus Covid-19 spreading to more countries, investors are worried that the economy and hence the profits of companies will be affected. Almost all shares from the AEX were lower on Wednesday, with all the major ones dropping over 2 percent. 

Feb 26 '20 09:28

The coronavirus outbreak in China is expected to push the prices of garlic and ginger. China is the world's largest exporter of these aromatics, responsible for 80 percent of all garlic in the world. In the Netherlands, 75 percent of all ginger and 66 percent of all garlic comes from China, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands. And the doors of the Chinese warehouses full of garlic bulbs and ginger roots have been closed for weeks, NOS reports.

Icy road
Feb 26 '20 07:55

Wednesday started out with showers all across the Netherlands, ranging from possible hail along the coast to snow in the south and east of the country. Meteorological institute KNMI issued a code yellow warning for Noord-Brabant, Limburg, Gelderland and Overijssel, warning motorists against icy roads.

"Chance of slipperiness. All traffic may be hindered. Adjust your driving behavior. Follow weather reports and warnings," KNMI warned.

Chemical factory
Feb 25 '20 14:20

Chemical companies in the Netherlands often violate safety rules, according to a study by Leiden University and VU University Amsterdam into 3,650 inspection reports. In the period between 2006 and 2017, there were 7,362 violations of the safety rules, ANP reports.

The Netherlands has 494 companies that work with hazardous substances. A small group of these companies was responsible for a large part of the violations. About 34 companies had more than 40 violations each, according to the researchers. 

Feb 25 '20 08:51

Farmers are willing to take steps towards nature-inclusive agriculture, but only if there are the right financial incentives, according to a study by the Netherlands' environmental assessment agency PBL and the VU University Amsterdam among 950 members of farmers' association LTO, and another 150 farmers not associated with LTO.

Transavia airplanes at Schiphol
Feb 24 '20 16:00

The data of 80 thousand Transavia passengers leaked out after an e-mail inbox containing the data was breached, the Dutch low-cost flyer said on Monday. The data that was released includes passengers’ full names, date of birth, flight information, booking number, luggage purchase, and additionally requested services like wheelchair assistance.

The KLM subsidiary said the data was in a file in the mailbox, but it did not say why the years-old passenger information was being kept that way.

People enjoying a drink on an Amsterdam terrace
Feb 24 '20 14:20

Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema asked the government to come up with new legislation so that the capital can limit the sale of alcohol around entertainment areas. She hopes that this will help decrease the problems caused by partying tourists. The number of tourists and day trippers visiting Amsterdam is expected to increase from 20 million this year to 32 million in 2030, Halsema said in a letter sent to the city council along with the annual crime figures on Monday. 

Open plan office
Feb 24 '20 09:19

Employees who work in open-plan, shared work spaces have more problems with fatigue, loss of concentration, stress, and headaches, television program De Monitor reports after speaking to 90 members of the Dutch association for occupational medicine and physicians NVAB.

80 percent of the NVAB members told De Monitor that sick leave would decrease if people worked with fewer colleagues in a room, NOS reports. Almost 60 percent said that shared work spaces should be abolished.

Power bank bought from a non-EU online store
Feb 24 '20 08:51

Shopping at online stores outside the European Union entails irresponsible risks, according to a sample study conducted by Dutch consumers' association Consumentenbond and five of its European counterparts. Two thirds of the 250 products they examined did not meet the safety standards required to be sold in EU stores, the association said on Monday.

Perry Michael Allen with a student
Feb 23 '20 15:47

Wherever Perry Michael Allen goes, music always follows. His six-decade career in the music industry is filled with experiences from being connected to the best and brightest soul and R&B musicians ever to grace the charts, and the brilliant backing musicians that helped them become world famous.

Enjoying a drink on a terrace in The Hague
Feb 22 '20 09:00

The Hague, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam all made it into the top 15 of the best cities to live for European expats ranking by mobility consultant ECA International. The Netherlands and Switzerland are the only two countries with four cities in the top 20.

Cyber-FinTech Summit in The Hague
Feb 21 '20 22:30

The number of investment by organizations in the Netherlands into the United Kingdom has actually been higher over the past two years than before the 2016 Brexit referendum, said British embassy senior staff member Michiel Veldhuizen. Veldhuizen, the Country Director for the UK Department for International Trade, gave the remarks at the embassy's fourth Cyber-FinTech Summit on Thursday in The Hague.

ProRail tests self-driving train system ATO, February 2020
Feb 21 '20 14:30

Earlier this month ProRail performed its first tests with travelers on a self-driving train, and with great success, the rail manager said.

For five days, around 60 travelers per day rode the train running on Automatic Train Operation (ATO) between Groningen and Buitenpost and reported their experiences. The rail manager also researched the technology, the acceleration and braking systems, punctuality, energy consumption, and stopping in exactly the right place.

Electric cars charging on the street
Feb 21 '20 11:10

The Dutch electricity network can definitely not cope with the coming boom of electric cars and heat pumps. Grid operators will have to invest billions into upgrading the electricity grid, and that may result in higher energy bills, they said to newspaper AD.

Garbage strike 2014 no.2
Feb 21 '20 10:20

The housing costs homeowners have to pay to their municipalities will increase by an average of 5.2 percent this year, higher than last year's 3.4 percent increase and the expected inflation of 1.3 percent. The biggest increase is in waste tax this year, up by a record 9.5 percent on average, according to a study by homeowners association VEH

Recycling center
Feb 21 '20 09:31

In 2018 residents of the Netherlands used 20 percent less materials per resident than in 2000. This involves materials like fossil fuels and metals processed into products like plastics. Netherlands residents recycle more than most other EU countries, but also create more waste, Statistics Netherlands said on Friday in a report on the Netherlands progress to a circular economy. 

Klimmen-Ransdaal station
Feb 21 '20 08:55

The train station between the Limburg villages of Klimmen and Ransdaal, a national monument dating from 1913, is the most popular train station in the Netherlands, according to a study by NS. 97 percent of travelers gave Klimmen-Ransdaal a score of 7 out of 10 or higher. The Noord-Brabant train station Lage Zwaluwe is least popular with only 27 percent of travelers giving it a satisfactory score.

Mark Rutte
Feb 21 '20 08:27

The leaders of the European Union Member States made no progress in their negotiations regarding the new EU budget on Thursday, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said to NOS when he left the meeting just after midnight. The leaders hare heavily divided.

Feb 20 '20 15:10

The proportion of women on the Dutch labor market who work full-time is on the rise, though slowly. Last year 27 percent of women worked 35 hours a week or more, compared to 25 percent in 2016. In the same period, the proportion of full-time male workers decreased slightly from 74 to 72 percent. Just over half of the total work force in the Netherlands worked full-time last year, Statistics Netherlands reported on Thursday.

Delivery scooters in front of a Domino's Pizza in The Hague
Feb 20 '20 15:10

The Inspectorate for Social Affairs and Employment is calling on the government to implement an age limit on meal deliverers. All meal deliverers must be 16 years old or older, because currently young teenagers are increasingly working in this field and end up in dangerous situations, the Inspectorate said, NOS reports.