Feb 6 '14 14:19

The Tax service of Union FNV warns people they may be confronted with after-taxes, since the labor deduction was sobered down. The Union annually helps about 300,000 people fill out their tax returns.

Feb 6 '14 12:42

Getting out of the European Union, will give the Netherlands "oxygen, while the EU chokes us", PVV-leader Geert Wilders said.

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Feb 6 '14 12:03

The number of births and marriages dropped in 2013 compared to previous years, the Central Bureau for Statistics CBS has reported.

Feb 6 '14 04:31

The introduction of the new European payment system (SEPA) has been postponed until August 14, 2014 to prevent disruption of financial transactions. This was decided by the European Parliament, Tuesday.

Feb 5 '14 11:59

Rabobank denies claims that the bank is exploring the possibility to sell a part of their American business.

Feb 5 '14 04:33

The government sold the rest of the ING American subprime mortgages to Credit Suisse. In the previous two months the government already sold two other large parts of the American subprime mortgages.

Feb 4 '14 19:45

Construction on the railways this summer will surely cause delays for train travelers, but the Dutch Railways, ProRail, and travelers organizations joined forces to minimize the discomfort, stated Minister Melanie Schultz during the question round in Parliament earlier today.

Feb 4 '14 19:01

Favorable tax agreements through its Dutch branch of the holding played a key role in IBM's good profit figures over the past year, stated financial press agency Bloomberg today, based on its calculations.

Feb 4 '14 15:57

The Amsterdam district South presumable threw out 46,000 guilders with the trash, when it disposed of discarded furniture that was stored in a former district office.

Feb 4 '14 09:58

Dutch telecom company KPN is set to cut jobs and save costs once again in the next two years, as between 1500 and 2000 jobs will be axed.

Feb 4 '14 08:57

The maintenance branch of aircraft manufacturers Fokker will cut 200 of the nearly 730 jobs in the Netherlands.  Fokker Services hopes this will help to stagnate the pressure of decreasing turnovers for the maintenance of old Fokker aircrafts, and increase efficiency. This is from an announcement Fokker made yesterday. The measures are unavoidable, says Fokker Services director Peter Somers.

Feb 4 '14 08:15

Executives from publishing group Sanoma and tv-producers Talpa have spoken in the last few weeks about the tension around their cooperation as shareholders of SBS Nederland.

Feb 3 '14 11:24

The number of Dutchmen hunkering for a job outside the nation’s borders has quadrupled in the past three years.

Feb 3 '14 07:29

Last night, a huge fire destroyed an office building on the Melissaweg in Amsterdam, according to the fire department.

Feb 3 '14 07:10

Merel van Vroonhoven has been appointed as chairman of the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

Feb 2 '14 09:16

Philips recently stopped providing grow lights to marijuana farmers, now its employees are receiving daily threats from a big consumer.

Feb 2 '14 08:13

The Maastunnel in Rotterdam will close for 2 years beginning summer 2017 to carry out large-scale maintenance.

Jan 31 '14 15:18

Cable operator Altice has raised €1.3 billion in its initial public offering (IPO) at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, Bloomberg News reports.

Jan 31 '14 12:50

Dutch Minister of Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem wants to delay the implementation of IBAN digit bank account number in the Netherlands, Reuters reports.

Jan 31 '14 07:31

T-Mobile Netherlands wants restructuring in order to improve efficiency, Nos reports.

Jan 31 '14 04:36

After initially banning pork and pork products from Lithuania this past Saturday, because of an outbreak of African swine fever, Russia extended the ban to the entire European Union this week. The Dutch pork branch loses 2 to 3 million euros a week as a result of the ban.

Jan 30 '14 18:08

Pharmaceuticals company MSD will cut further 440 jobs at its factory in Oss in next 3 years, Nos reports on Thursday.

Jan 30 '14 15:54

Perry Oerlemans of Skyview Attractions is one of the participants of "Stadsinitiatief 2014" (city initiative 2014), and presented a plan for a 60 meter high Ferris wheel that he wants to build in Rotterdam, preferably in a busy location. He can have it up and running within a year.

Jan 30 '14 14:17

Minister of Infrastructure and Environment, Melanie Schultz van Haegen announced in Parliament today the lights of a number of freeways will stay off after 23:00. Her announcement was a response to a request of PVV and CDA to reevaluate the measure.