Oct 27 '14 09:42

The SP, PvdA, Groenlinks, the unions and other social organizations should come up with a propsal together to tax wealth more and to ensure that those on lower incomes go up

Oct 27 '14 09:20

According to sources in Paris, the management of Air France KLM has to seriously intervene in the French-Dutch company to avoid technical bankruptcy. "The coming weeks are crucial for survival."

Oct 27 '14 06:50

On Sunday, following the results of the banking examination of the European Central Bank (ECB), ING announced that they will pay off their state aid this year still.

Oct 26 '14 16:06

The Dutch banking sector “will be in healthy condition” when the European Central Bank (ECB) begins their supervision on November 4, the Dutch National Bank (DNB) said. Seven Netherlands banks were examined by the ECB and found to be healthy and well-capitalised, and survived the stringent stress test.

Oct 24 '14 14:05

Fewer people went to the Movies in the Netherlands so far this year than in the first three quarters of 2013.

Oct 24 '14 11:56

The CO2 standards for the tax liability for lease cars are changing in 2016. The percentages are going up.

Oct 23 '14 14:34

Small and medium businesses that apply for a loan at ABN Amro in the coming months, will receive the so-called "ECB discount", the bank announced in a press release on Tuesday.

Oct 23 '14 10:11

According to Financieele Dagblad, employees of banks and insurance companies will lose the discount on their mortgage in the future.

800px-2010-05-15-breda-princenhage-by-RalfR-05 (1)
Oct 23 '14 09:53

According to analyst Mathijs Deguelle from ABN large supermarkets have forced themselves to continue giving discounts to consumers.

Oct 23 '14 08:25

The Inspectorate Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) announced today that they will be doing an investigation into the working conditions at Ambulance Amsterdam.

Oct 22 '14 14:29

Dutch exports received a major boost by the manufacturing industry this year.

Oct 22 '14 12:08

Airlines in the Netherlands, conservationists and community organizations fear a half billion euro fiasco from the plans for Lelystad Airport.

Oct 21 '14 14:16

The Russian state oil company Rosneft and business man Arkady Rotenberg are going to court to fight the European Union's sanctions.

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Oct 21 '14 14:02

According to union leader Meindert Groter of FNV, the employees of money transporter Brink's Nederland are threatening to strike around the holidays.

Oct 21 '14 13:07

According to Statistics Netherlands, consumers spent 1.5 percent more on goods and services in August than in the same month last year.

Oct 21 '14 12:36

Spotify is introducing a family bundle to encourage household members to get their own subscription to the music service.

Oct 21 '14 12:00

The government and semi public institutions must be able to pay higher salaries to increase expertise and quality within their organizations.

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Oct 21 '14 11:13

Statistics Netherlands announced today that the prices on existing houses was 1.7 percent higher in September compared to the same month last year.

Oct 20 '14 13:54

According to Statistics Netherlands, consumers regained confidence in the economy in October.

Oct 20 '14 13:07

Three branches of department store Hema were forced to close their doors this weekend.

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Oct 20 '14 13:03

The cruise industry has been good to the Dutch economy; cruise passengers spent no less than €357 million in 2013, 1.6 percent more than the year before.

Figures from Cruise Lines International Association CLIA say that the Netherlands was visited by 228,800 international cruise ship passengers last year; 96,000 passengers boarded ships in the Netherlands. LIA reports that of the €357 million in earnings, €268.5 million was from cruise ship companies purchasing supplies and fuel and booking overnight stays at hotels in the Netherlands.

Oct 20 '14 12:30

Motorcycle sales increased sharply this year. More motorcycles were sold in the first three quarters of 2014, than in the whole 2013.

Oct 20 '14 10:10

A consortium around the Dutch dredging companies Boskalis and Van Oord has received the order to build a new Suez Canal in Egypt.

Oct 20 '14 09:27

Philips suffered a 103 million euro loss in the third quarter.