Mar 13 '14 17:57

The Dutch Bank (DNB) published its annual report today, revealing the bank managed to decrease her balance with 40 percent, to €159 billion.

Mar 13 '14 17:27

The Euro parliament voted for a universal phone charger Thursday afternoon, that will compel manufacturers to include a standardized charger with their phones. The measure will reduce unnecessary pollution, costs and inconvenience to the user.

Mar 12 '14 16:34

Rotterdam/The Hague Airport will be made accessible by tram from Rotterdam Central and The Hague Central, announced Jeannette Baljeu, Rotterdam alderman, Wednesday. Rotterdam and The Hague agreed on the plan.

Mar 12 '14 15:13

Telegraaf Media Groep (TMG) closed off 2013 with a remarkable net profit of €177.9 million, thanks to the selloff of its shares in broadcast company ProSiebenSat.1, announced the company today.

Mar 11 '14 15:47

Fashion chain Hennes and Mauritz, (H&M) has hired five artists and recruited five Dutch celebrities to create art around the theme of sustainability. The results will be on display in a mobile show on five large squares in the country, announced the chain store today.

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Mar 11 '14 15:03

An employment tribunal in London today ruled against ABN AMRO in an unfair-dismissal suit, but dismissed claims by the plaintiff that she was dismissed because she was Black.

Mar 11 '14 14:47

Steel concern 'Tata Steel' in IJmuiden is facing a potential prolonged strike period. The strike is supposed to start either Friday or Monday, according to Aad in 't Veld, chairman of union FNV Bondgenoten.

Mar 10 '14 14:53

The news about the ING wanting to share consumers' banking data with businesses is not received well. Parliament demands an explanation, the Consumer Associations condemns it, and consumers express concern about their privacy.

Mar 10 '14 13:30

Staff at Holland Casino will strike on Friday. The strikers are demanding a better social plan for the employees who are going to be axed due to cuts. This concerns several hundreds of people.

Mar 9 '14 04:31

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (I&M) has plans to allow commercial flights on Twente Airport, starting 2016. Business travels, training flights, and recreational traffic should be able to start next year.

Mar 8 '14 11:21

Investment rating agency Moody’s released positive statements about the Netherlands, suggesting the firm will reaffirm its triple-A rating of the nation. Analysts pointed to healthier finances in the kingdom, and reduced investment risk there.

Mar 7 '14 21:36

The home copyright tax should never have been frozen, ruled the High Council, affirming the previous ruling of the court in 2012. European legislation compels the Netherlands to allow for a fair compensation for illegal downloads of movies and music to copyright holders.

Mar 7 '14 09:45

The shale gas deal between Shell and Ukraine is still going through, the Ukrainian minister of Economic Affairs Pavlo Sheremeta says.

Mar 6 '14 17:35

Netflix NL, who was the first video-on-demand (VOD) provider up until now, will soon have company and competition from WappZapp. Starting April the new VOD provider will also offer unlimited films and series for the same €7,99 a month.

Mar 6 '14 16:34

Recent complaints about errors in the 18-digit IBAN numbers, resulting in the money ending up on the wrong account, prompted PvdA MP, Henk Nijboer, to address Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem about the issue.

Mar 6 '14 12:02

KLM will this Summer be adding 2.6 percent more capacity than last year, the airline announced Wednesday.

Mar 6 '14 11:07

American company Uber wants to break open the market, offering cheaper rides than standard taxi cabs.

Mar 5 '14 17:37

A factory farm in Grubbenvorst in Limburg, harboring 1m chickens, 35k pigs, a slaughterhouse and a manure fermenter is one step closer to becoming reality, after the court in Roermond dismissed objections from neighbors today.

Mar 4 '14 13:35

The budget deficit is dropping quickly because of the growing economy.

Mar 4 '14 09:31

The price of a night's stay in a hotel in the Netherlands has fallen by 1 percent. Travelers on average paid €120 for a room.

construction worker
Mar 3 '14 16:14

About one third of the Dutch workforce, 37 percent, enjoys their job, according to study results of Effectory in their report 'The hidden potential of the Dutch workforce', which will be published in March.

Mar 3 '14 08:35

The Rotterdam inner-city travel service RET will make it possible to travel on an account.

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Mar 1 '14 04:32

Following Ziggo and XS4ALL, now KPN will also remove the block on The Pirate Bay website, announced KPN, Friday.

Feb 28 '14 04:32

High-end jewelry chain store, Siebel, was sold to the Russian Moscow Jewelry Factory, announced curator Marinus Pannevis Thursday.