Nov 26 '13 09:39

Holland Casino is cutting 100 jobs at its headquarters part of a new strategy.

Nov 26 '13 04:40

In the future more space should be reserved ​​for cultural and journalistic productions in public broadcasting, according to D66 MP, Kees Verhoeven.

Nov 25 '13 20:40

Restaurant De Leest in Vaassen gets a third Michelin star, announced the organization behind the award.

Nov 25 '13 09:57

Lilianne Ploumen, minister for foreign trade and development cooperation, has criticized three Dutch textile companies for not signing agreements to provide workers in Bangladesh reasonable wages and safe environment.

Nov 22 '13 18:32

The Netherlands has become the world’s biggest exporter of tomatoes, surpassing Mexico, the AD reports.

Nov 22 '13 17:19

Dutch publishing firm Weekbladpers Concern Group will cut 100 jobs, RTL News reports.

Nov 22 '13 04:40

Of all EU Member States, the Netherlands spends the least on families and children as a proportion of its social spending, according to statistics by Eurostat, the European statistical office, published Thursday.

Nov 21 '13 12:06

Tele2 AB is building a 4th-generation network in the Netherlands and could sell older fixed-line assets in the country, Bloomberg News reports.

Nov 20 '13 04:36

Schiphol has partnered with the French Aéroports de Paris and two Brazilian parties to make ​​a bid for a stake in Galeão Airport in Rio de Janeiro. Four other consortia have also placed bids. Which consortium gets the concession will be disclosed Friday

Nov 19 '13 16:51

T-Mobile Netherlands has decided to sell its broadband business Euronet/Online to the Canal Digital Satelliet Group.

Model S
Nov 19 '13 15:54

Tesla Motors, which makes electric cars, has decided to drop price for its Model S in Europe.

Nov 19 '13 10:46

Dutch company Royal Philips announced that it has teamed up with Desso, a global carpets, carpet tiles and sport pitches company, to develop solutions that combine LED lighting with light transmissive carpet.

Nov 19 '13 09:52

Dutch food and chemicals group DSM is spinning off its pharmaceuticals division in a $2.6 billion deal with private equity firm JLL, Reuters reports Tuesday.

Nov 18 '13 13:48

Consumentenbond said it found that many online shops are offering fake discount on toys.

Nov 18 '13 11:28

Advent International has entered into an agreement to acquire Dutch software maker Unit4 NV for about €1.15 billion, Bloomberg News reports.

Nov 15 '13 13:35

Amsterdam is phasing out a number of its coffee-shops, choosing education over a controversial business that has been a major tourist draw. The City Council said on Friday that it is taking into consideration the owners of 31 shops that have to close because they are in too close proximity to schools. “We are not forcing them to close all at once; we’re giving the owners an opportunity to start different businesses,” the council said.

Nov 15 '13 04:45

The last four quarters of the recession cost the Dutch an average of 1300 euros per head. The entire Dutch economy suffered a loss of 10 billion euros, compared to a period of zero growth

Nov 15 '13 04:36

After Industrieele Groote Club, De Kring, and Arti et Amicitiae there is now a club for the internet generation in the city: The Club Amsterdam on the Herengracht - members only

Nov 14 '13 13:11

AMSTERDAM—An Amsterdam based minter, arrested by police last week, was apparently living the high life while ducking from creditors, and reneging on promises he was making to clients. “Patrick O.

Nov 14 '13 04:45

The government and the opposition parties CDA, D66, ChristenUnie, GroenLinks, and SGP will not reach an agreement this week on the retirement plans

Nov 14 '13 04:33

The FairPhone, a Dutch initiative for a sustainable mobile phone is sold out. The makers tweeted Thursday afternoon that all 25,000 mobile phones were sold out

Nov 14 '13 04:31

The investigation into the eavesdropping practices of the U.S. NSA is extended to bank accounts

Nov 12 '13 12:41

Amsterdam-based coffee and tea company DE Master Blenders said it is slashing 110 jobs.

Nov 11 '13 17:01

T-Mobile Netherlands announced that Thomas Berlemann is stepping down as chief executive officer of the company at the end of this year.