Aug 7 '13 14:45

ING announced a large drop in profits, while their analysts claim the Dutch economy will contract by 1.4% in 2013.

Aug 7 '13 09:03

Head of International Real Estate at MN Services Richard van Ovost is leaving the Dutch pension scheme administrator and asset management company after eight years of service.

Aug 6 '13 09:40

Food company Vion said it is planning to shut down its pork manufacturing site in the Netherlands since it is strengthening production.

Aug 6 '13 04:39

The uncertain outlook for the Dutch economy in recent months, has caused that the Netherlands has to pay more interest on its government bonds. On top of that was Monday, at least temporarily, the end of a period in which investors were willing to add money for short term loans to the Dutch government.

Aug 5 '13 09:43

The Wolverine reached the no. 1 spot at the box office during the last weekend of July, earning €579,036 on its first week.

Aug 4 '13 09:00

In the most recent years, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), also called bring your own technology (BYOT), has become a trend and common practice in the business and education market. BYOD is a policy that permits employees to use their own mobile devices such as smartphones, personal computers and laptops to work and access data in their companies.

Aug 2 '13 09:04

Royal Dutch Shell PLC cited a 57 percent drop in its second-quarter net income following the attacks on Nigerian operations and a drastic reduction on the worth of its shale oil fields in North America.

Aug 2 '13 07:43

Citizens of Apeldoorn and surroundings, want to establish a cooperative bank because they are disillusioned by the mores in the current banking system. The Financial Cooperation begins today with the recruiting among citizens that want to support the bank 'new style'.

The idea of the founders of The Financial Cooperation is based on NewB, the cooperative bank that is being set up since this spring in Belgium.

Aug 1 '13 08:38

Emirates has announced that it will be launching a second daily continuous flight between Dubai and Amsterdam in December.

Aug 1 '13 04:55

The profit of advertising site Marktplaats (Market Place) has for years been kept deliberately low, and therefore hardly had to pay tax, reports Yahoo!News based on requested annual  reports.

The annual reports show that eBay, owner of Marktplaats, has set up a special structure in 2005. That structure has apparently been set up, according to experts, to lower earnings in the Netherlands, so that less (profit) tax has to be paid. Marktplaats avoided in this way to pay a larger amount on tax. The special construction is allowed, by the way.

Jul 30 '13 09:13

American multinational financial services corporation Citi is growing its liquidity management network by setting up a Notional Pooling in Amsterdam.

Jul 30 '13 08:53

Ambassador of the Netherlands to Pakistan H Gajus Scheltema has encouraged Pakistan to promote trade partnerships with India to improve trade and market. He also responded to the issue of cutting support to Pakistan.

Jul 29 '13 09:32

The weekend box office ended with Despicable Me 2 stolen from the no. 1 spot.

Jul 26 '13 07:53

Italian automaker Fiat-Chrysler could move to the Netherlands, CEO Sergio Marchionne told Reuters.

Jul 26 '13 07:41

EU members have already shared their views on the Scottish government’s plan to reduce alcohol prices.

Jul 23 '13 03:40

If the temperature rises above 28 degrees, the terraces in the center of Amsterdam may be allowed to expand.

Jul 22 '13 11:13

New electric buses from a Chinese manufacturer will roll onto Schiphol tarmac in about a year.

Jul 22 '13 10:39

Second quarter profit at Amsterdam-based electronics manufacturer Philips more than tripled in 2013 compared to 2012

Jul 19 '13 07:21

For the first time, Turkey will export 40 tons of tulip bulbs to the Netherlands.

Jul 18 '13 07:38

The Netherlands will grant a €6 million aid to support the development of IT exports in four countries including Bangladesh.

Jul 17 '13 08:14

State Secretary of Finance Minister Frans Weekers said the government is assessing its double taxation treaties with developing countries to decide if they are inequitable and if they need revisions on the terms.

Jul 17 '13 07:34

On July 10, New York City and Amsterdam proclaimed a City-to-City partnership to promote and boost travel of both cities.

Jul 16 '13 08:33

On Tuesday, Dutch engineering company Grontmij announced that it has decided to sell its French monitoring & testing business for €67 million.

Jul 16 '13 08:21

Retail turnover in May decreased to 0.6 percent from the same period last year. Retail volume was reduced by 3.0 percent while retail costs increased by 2.5 percent.