Oct 10 '14 15:01

According to Interbrand, the brand name of electronics group Philips is for the first time worth more than $10 billion (more than 7.9 billion euro). Philips is the first Dutch company to cross that border.

Oct 10 '14 13:17

Eindhoven Airport saw considerable growth in the number of passengers during the first three quarters of this year.

Oct 10 '14 13:04

On Thursday Jeroen Dijsselbloem (President of the Eurogroup and Minister of Finance) dismissed the people criticizing the European Central Banks' efforts to fight a stall in the eurozone's economy.

Oct 10 '14 12:26

According to experts, the cozy, traditional Dutch image of "our Appie" (a service of Albert Heijn), received a dent after the announcement that Zwarte Piet will no longer be used in their campaigns.

An NS train waiting on the tracks (Photo: TahR78/Wikipedia)
Oct 9 '14 14:53

Rail passengers are complaining about traveling with the public transport rechargeable card, OV Chipkaart, saying that they cost too much to use and are too complicated. They received 2,400 complaints within three months, as many passengers complained about expensive travel and 20 euros deposit which must be made before travel, according to a survey by conducted by the consumer association, Consumentenbond.

Netflix  Source: Twitter/@5SOSUpdateSquad
Oct 9 '14 14:48

A quarter of the Dutch population uses streaming services for movies and music according to a new study published by market research institute GfK. Among 13- to 17-year-olds, 54 percent stream media services, up from 38 percent last year.

Oct 9 '14 14:42

The average house price decreased with 0.3 percent last quarter compared to the previous quarter. The slight decline comes after three quarters of rising prices.

Oct 9 '14 14:01

The supervisor of De Nederlandsche Bank says that the positive mood in the financial markets may just turn.

Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet (Source: Wikimedia/Jan Arkesteijn)
Oct 9 '14 08:43

Supermarket chain Albert Heijn has mostly dropped the black-faced version of Zwarte Piet from it’s stores and product packaging, the company’s parent said Wednesday. Though the character might pop up on the boxes of candies and cookies, the store’s parent company, Ahold, says it will not be used inside or outside stores.

Oct 8 '14 19:43

Trains from a NS subsidiary will be transporting people in Scotland. Abellio has won a concession for 7 years, which may be extended by three years.

Oct 8 '14 19:41

In November 2011 the new shopping was launched with a lot of fanfare in Veenedaal. Other cities followed.

Oct 8 '14 19:05

BAM, the largest construction company in the Netherlands, aims to simplify the organization, causing 650 full time jobs to disappear.

Most of the layoffs will happen in the course of 2015, mostly among the office staff.

At the moment BAM consists of 12 operating companies in the Netherlands. These are merging together in two companies, reducing the number of necessary office jobs.

This is not the first reorganization that the company has implemented since the crisis. In recent years 1,150 jobs have been eliminated.

Oct 7 '14 16:13

Tourism in the autumn season remains popular among the Dutch, as 1,3 million people plan to take a few days to themselves. More than 700,000 will remain in the Netherlands, while 600,000 will go abroad, reports NBTC Holland Marketing.

Oct 7 '14 16:11

Minister of Security and Justice Ivo Opstelten made the three millionth contactless payment in the Netherlands on Monday. The purchase was made at a Kruidvat in Leidschendam, with Opstelten speaking to reporters about advances in technology paving the way for Dutch consumers to keep their wallets in their pockets at the checkout counter.
Oct 7 '14 15:26

Fifty freelance couriers contracted by PostNL, DHL and UPS have taken action against, alleging poor working conditions and financial exploitation.’s offer of “free delivery” has become a target for the FNV trade union who claims that it is the couriers who pay the price for cheap parcel delivery.

Oct 7 '14 14:56

The Dutch company FastNed is trying to make it possible for electric cars to charge along the highway within half an hour with so called fast-charging stations.

Oct 7 '14 12:17

Travel Agency D-Reizen is facing financial difficulty and is forced to close dozens of stores.

Oct 7 '14 12:03

So many applications were made for a first time home buyer's starters loan, that the government's budget is running low.

Oct 7 '14 11:13

Air France-KLM is creating a new discount airline to compete with the likes of RyanAir and EasyJet, the union representing Air France's pilots told newspaper Le Parisien. The news comes a week after the union ended an impactful strike over cutbacks at Air France and the firm's investment in budget airline Transavia, a work action that grounded flights for two weeks in September and cost an estimated €400 million.

Oct 6 '14 16:09

"The drug price is mainly influenced by what the producer thinks he can ask for it. This means that you can ask exorbitant amounts for a medicine for a nasty disease. A form of blackmail."

Oct 6 '14 13:52

In past years customers of Nuon have been paying tens of millions of dollars too much for the product Natuurstroom. Nuon denies this.

Oct 6 '14 11:04

According to an anonymous source within Air France, the cost of the pilot strike could amount to 400 million euro.

Oct 3 '14 16:14

The pilot strike at Air France in September, which lasted two weeks, yielded about 5 million pounds (6.4 million euros) in extra revenue for budget airlines easyJet.

Oct 3 '14 15:21

Three crimes per month could be prevented by placing a loud and visible alarm in window prostitution businesses.