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Jun 2 '15 09:11

ING Bank will announce hundreds of layoffs at the Dutch headquarters in Amsterdam on Tuesday. These layoffs form part of the reorganization program which was announced in November last year. A total of more than 2,700 jobs will disappear - 1,700 permanent jobs and 1,075 flexible jobs.

Jun 1 '15 17:24

Spanish fashion giant Inditex is expanding substantially in Amsterdam. Zara opened its second store in downtown Amsterdam on Thursday, and two sister-brand shops, Oysho and Stradivarius, will also open in the city.

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Jun 1 '15 16:35

The start of the herring season is postponed until June 18, the Dutch Fish Marketing Bureau, known locally as the Nederlands Visbureau, announced earlier on Monday. The Dutch wholesale industry made the decision because the first catch of herring is not of a high enough quality to be processed into the Dutch delicacy.

Jun 1 '15 15:53

Dutch labour party PvdA wants customers to pay a deposit on several types of goods that is repaid when they return the used product back to the store. The coalition partner believes that it should enhance recycling for products like clothing, toys and cans.

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Jun 1 '15 14:35

A Nijmegen family found a push-pin in the package of frozen beans that they purchased in Lidl, reports De Gelderlander. The store management apologized for the incident and awarded the family a complimentary shopping cart of groceries as a compensation.

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May 29 '15 14:10

The hospitality industry showed a slight increase in turnover in the first quarter this year. But despite this, pubs seem to be selling fewer drinks.

May 29 '15 13:40

Young workers and employers want the minimum youth wage to be abolished. Employers Organization AWVN Young HR and unions CNV Youth, FNV Jong and VCP Professionals have reached a so-called youth agreement on what collective bargaining agreements should look like in the future, NU reports.

KLM Cityhopper
May 29 '15 11:31

After long and intensive consultations, KLM has finally reached an agreement with the cabin crew unions on a mutually balanced package of agreements for the next 15 months, the airline announced on Friday.

May 28 '15 17:27

Transavia airline recently began testing Oculus Rift glasses as a form of entertainment onboard its flights, even giving the chance to fly through the air to their destination in virtual reality. Last week, passengers on a flight from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to Barcelona were given the opportunity to test the virtual reality experience.

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May 28 '15 17:07

Dutch oil and gas firm NAM has to significantly cut its costs to reach its financial targets, a company's spokesman confirmed after a report by FD. The costs incurred by the company have to decrease by at least 25 percent.

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May 28 '15 16:58

The number of bankruptcies in the Dutch economy is expected to fall by 15 percent over the course of 2015, according to credit insurance firm Atradius. The number is decreasing because of the improving conditions in the economy, but still remains relatively high in construction and non-food retail and even rises in some of the sectors.

May 28 '15 16:51

The new financial advisory board (FSC) of the government believe that maximum mortgage in the country should not exceed 90 of the house price. They say it would help prevent people getting stuck with residual debt.

gas pipeline
May 28 '15 12:30

Minister Henk Kamp is expecting to reach a decision on gas drilling in Terschelling by the middle of next year. The minister announced that today at a demonstration against drilling in The Hague.

May 27 '15 19:23

Schiphol Airport will conduct passenger screening and carry-on baggage security checks at five centralized control points instead of at boarding gates, newswire ANP reported. The changes are set to begin on June 3rd.

May 27 '15 17:35

The government of Qatar will not immediately retaliate for Dutch restrictions on flights by airlines from the Gulf States, the CEO of Qatar Airways Akbar Al Baker said. He reminded that trade is a "two-lane road", and said if the airlines does not get additional flights, Dutch companies "should not expect many commercial contracts" from Qatar government.

May 27 '15 17:25

Ahold's turnover increased by 14.9 percent in the first quarter to 11.3 billion euros. The growth is mainly attributable to a weaker euro and a greater nominal gain from converting revenue in U.S. dollars. The operating margin decreased from 5 to 4.4 percent.

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May 27 '15 17:11

Artisan products sold in supermarkets are often not as handcrafted as advertised, argues consumer association Consumentenbond. They want stricter guidelines in place to govern production and distribution of those, and similar goods.

May 27 '15 11:57

An electrical failure at Belgium air traffic control forced the closure of airspace above Belgium on Wednesday morning, Eurocontrol said in a statement. The regional airspace will remain shut until at least 2 p.m. local time, The Brussels Airport authority said.

May 27 '15 09:36

Capital gains tax, the tax on savings and investment, will be decreasing for small savers and increasing for large investments. According to the PvdA, an agreement has been reached with coalition partner VVD on this, but the VVD denies that there is any such agreement, NOS reports

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May 26 '15 18:53

The IJmuiden production arm of multinational firm Tata Steel made a profit of 344 million euros last year, according to the internal memo sourced by FD. The entire conglomerate, on the other hand, reported a loss.

Paul Polman
May 26 '15 18:47

Unilever CEO Paul Poman thinks there is a obscene excess in salary handed to chief executives of businesses these days. "I am ashamed of the amount of money I earn," Polman told the Washington Post in an interview.

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May 26 '15 11:02

The number of people who need professional debt counselling increased in 2014. The average debt also increased.

May 26 '15 10:16

The number of women with senior management positions in the Netherlands is on the rise. This is according to a study done among almost 250 Dutch companies that signed the so-called Charter Talent to the Top, RTL Nieuws reports.

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May 26 '15 09:16

ING's economic office believe that a United Kingdom departure from the European Union, the so-called Brexit, would have damaging consequences for the Dutch economy.