G-Star store (Source: Wikimedia/Hardstyler)
Sep 4 '14 13:21

More than three quarters of the Dutch clothing companies that signed the Bangladesh accord will not say with which Bangladeshi factories they are doing business with. This makes it very difficult for consumers to know whether the garments they purchase are made in a safe factory with good working conditions.

Sep 3 '14 15:03

Relative to the Dollar, the Euro is at its lowest point in a year.

3D Printer (Source: Wikimedia/Krassotkin)
Sep 3 '14 14:13

The Amsterdam company specializing in 3D printing, 3D Hubs, announced on Wednesday that the company has collected $4.5 million (€3.7 million) from investors one year after its establishment.

For Sale signs (Source: Wikimedia/Andy F)
Sep 2 '14 14:41

The value of homes fell sharply last year to below the price level of 2007. On the qualifying date of January 1st 2014 the average WOZ value amounted to 211 thousand euros, a decrease of more than 5 percent in a year.

Hotel Room Efteling
Sep 2 '14 08:22

The average price of an overnight stay in a hotel room in The Netherlands has risen by two percent in the fist half of this year compared with the same period last year. Travelers are now paying €124 on average for a hotel room. This comes from the Hotel Price Index from booking site

Sep 1 '14 13:58

With over a thousand of the country's cafes and bars closing up shop in the last five years, local brewers have been hit particularly hard. The number of pubs in the country fell from 8,400 to 7,200, leaving brewers to battle it out for sales in a highly competitive market.

Double decker train in Amsterdam
Sep 1 '14 12:03

Dutch national train operator NS will increase seating capacity on some of its busiest routes beginning Monday. As summer transitions into autumn, the government-run firm is adding carriages to trains in an effort to prevent overcrowding during the railway's busiest season of the year.

NXP Semiconductors
Aug 29 '14 16:34

Apple is working with Dutch chipmaker NXP to include pay-by-touch technology in the iPhone 6. The sale of the near field communication (NFC) chip to Apple is expected to be a huge boost for NXP with the iPhone 6 predicted to make record sales.

Photo: Wikimedia/russavia
Aug 29 '14 16:05

According to a study carried out by Secretary of Social Affairs, Jetta Klijnsma, the Dutch knows very little about pensions, but the majority of them are concerned about the Dutch pension system, De Telegraaf reports.

Credit cards (Source: Wikimedia/Sprinno)
Aug 29 '14 14:37

The amount of people unable to pay their accounts on time keeps increasing. The Credit Registration Office (Bureau Krediet Registratie) has registered 19 thousand consumers with payment problems in the last six months.

Schiphol Airport
Aug 29 '14 11:26

Schiphol airport reports a healthy growth in the number of passengers traveling through the airport. In the first half of this year, there was a four percent growth compared to the same period last year, with 25.7 million people coming through the airport.

Aug 28 '14 15:37

The national bank and insurer SNS Reaal suffered a net loss of €125 million in the past six months. However, this loss is much smaller than the half billion loss they suffered in the first half of 2013.

Aug 28 '14 15:16

It’s curtains for more than 1,000 workers of cigarette company Philip Morris that is closing the doors of its Bergen op Zoom plant.

Aug 28 '14 10:41

In Rotterdam, Café De Witte Aap has been told to close its doors for at least two weeks after a 33-year-old man from Capelle aan den IJssel was wounded in a stabbing last Wednesday, the NOS reports.

Photo: Ryanair
Aug 27 '14 17:05

Irish budget airline Ryanair has launched a business class service in a move to rehabilitate its image and respond to travelers' demands for better customer service. The Business Plus fare would give customers flexible tickets, more check-in baggage, priority boarding and access to premiums seating.

Aug 27 '14 13:53

E-commerce giant PayPay has announced the introduction postpay to the Netherlands. The service will allow customers to purchase products online, and will withhold funds from being debited from the users account until the product has been delivered.

Aug 27 '14 13:34

The Dutch government has received back the full amount that was made available to protect duped depositors of the Icelandic online savings bank Icesave in 2008/2009.

Aug 27 '14 08:35

Dutch chain store HEMA is coming under scrutiny for not being clear about whether or not their shelves will be filled, as per tradition, with Zwarte Piet items before Sinterklaas in December. On Twitter, #BoycotHEMA is a trending topic as many customers are angered that HEMA is "surrendering" under the Zwarte Piet discussion.

Aug 26 '14 15:00

During the first half of this year 200 million liter less diesel was sold than during the same period last year.

Graph (Source:
Aug 25 '14 16:22

The confidence of entrepreneurs in the industry has deteriorated in August, Statistics Netherlands announced today. The indicator of producer confidence fell 1.2 points.

Aug 25 '14 15:55

German big-box wholesaler Makro has announced its intention to lay off several hundred staff across its Netherlands branches. Fifty four employees at the Breda branch have already been laid off, in addition to dozens of layoffs at company headquarters in Amsterdam earlier this year.

Aug 25 '14 13:23

German discount supermarket Lidi is set to begin marketing its own fashion line. Following on from its UK launch today, the company has announced the introduction of “trendy fashion” wear including denim line jeans, jackets and shoes into its Netherlands stores.

Aug 25 '14 09:33

Messaging service WhatsApp is doing well, with 600 million people worldwide using the app to send messages more than once a month, according to director Jan Koum, the NOS reports.

Port of Rotterdam
Aug 22 '14 11:37

The build of a controversial Russian oil terminal in the Rotterdam port is getting the go-ahead from the Rotterdam city government, despite criticism from the Cabinet and in the Rotterdam City Council about the bad timing with the Russian trade war, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.