Apr 11 '14 13:18

The number of businesses going bankrupt is 15 percent lower this year than last according to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

Philip Morris
Apr 7 '14 08:50

A few days before the mass-axing of more than 1,200 employees at the Philip Morris cigarette factory in Bergen op Zoom, the company organized a party for the workers, the AD reports.

Apr 4 '14 12:07

More than 1,200 people will lose their jobs when cigarette maker Philip Morris closes its Bergen op Zoom factory per October 1.

Apr 4 '14 11:55

On Thursday, Marion Gout, president-director of Prorail, announced her departure from the company. She was allegedly informed of a 'disastrous' article in De Telegraaf newspaper of Friday.

Apr 2 '14 18:03

People in the Netherlands applied for nearly 41,500 mortgages in the first quarter of the year, up more than 50 percent compared to the same period in 2013. The number is down when compared to October-December, not entirely unexpected due to the seasonality of home purchases in the country.

Apr 1 '14 21:09

The World Economic Forum has listed the Netherlands as the country with the third best accommodations for international trade. Singapore and Hong Kong repeated as the top two countries, with Holland advancing from 7th in the biannual Global Enabling Trade Report.

hema spain
Apr 1 '14 20:55

Dutch department store Hema opened its first shop in Spain today. It was formally unveiled by company director Ronald Putting.

Mar 31 '14 10:44

The usually popular theme park, the Efteling, has experienced a drop in visitors for the first time in seven years. Despite the pleasant weather, fewer people took to the fairy-tale park.

Mar 30 '14 04:34

The priciest pieces on an online auction of dinosaur bones and fossils were not sold, according to Mark Borgman of auction house Catawiki.

Mar 28 '14 19:31

NS and ProRail don't have to merge, but have to improve the quality of their services. The government will judge them by their performance more than before. The cabinet approved State Secretary of Infrastructure, Wilma Mansveld's, long-term railways timetable Friday.

No image available
Mar 28 '14 13:16

A TV commercial in which deceased stars are seen enjoying Bavaria's Radler beer has ruffled some feathers in the US, but the Dutch brewer says it should not be taken so serious.

Mar 27 '14 17:12

Schiphol airport dropped two places on the world ranking of international airports, according to results from an annual study by research agency Skytrax, based on choices passengers make.

Mar 26 '14 15:41

Since the start of the new tax benefits system in 2006 the tax department overpaid €336 million, evident from the semi-annual tax reports and data RTL Nieuws collected from the Tax department.

Mar 26 '14 14:51

The conference table, used at the Nuclear Security Summit, is for sale. Potential buyers can turn to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for inquiries.

Mar 25 '14 17:45

The first Bitcoin ATM in the Netherlands is located in the 'Eten bij Werelds' restaurant in The Hague, a participant in the Bitcoin Boulevard.

Mar 25 '14 12:37

It has been described as a prize of a lifetime: a man won almost €3 million Saturday night on a slot machine in a Holland Casino in Enschede.

Mar 24 '14 19:39

NRC Media is up for sale. Stockholder Lux Media in looking into sales opportunities for NRC, according to the chairman of the board of commissioners of NRC Media Holding, today.

Mar 23 '14 04:32

The euro as a currency was at its breaking point in 2012. "There were moments when the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) anticipated several scenarios and prepared for the worst," said DNB president Klaas Knot in the TV program College Tour, Friday evening.

Mar 21 '14 20:11

In addition to 40 U.S. lawsuits against the Rabobank for rate fraud, a Dutch real estate business subpoenaed the bank for damages suffered due to fraud with the euribor and libor interest, announced the 'Follow The Money' website.

Mar 21 '14 11:11

Dutch supermarkets' top-100 A-brand products have had a turnover increase of only 0.3 percent, which is the worst result since 1998.

Mar 20 '14 17:22

Consumer confidence has been on the rise since the summer of 2013, although the willingness-to-buy hardly changed. Overall, the mood among Dutch consumer further improved in March, compared to previous months.

Mar 20 '14 16:58

Central Statistics reports reveal unemployment rose again for the third month in row. Unemployment rose with 13,000 in February to 691,000 people, which is 8.8 percent of the workforce.

No image available
Mar 18 '14 13:53

Laura Geest, the Director of the Central Bureau for Planning CPB has said that the unrest in Ukraine could may well disrupt the economic recovery of the Netherlands.

Mar 18 '14 10:39

The Rotterdam bookshop of the bankrupt Polare chain may survive. A group of Polare employees announced on Monday that they have managed to collect enough money to take over the shop. It will be established on the Coolsingel under its old name, Donner, the Telegraaf reports.