ABN Amro
May 13 '15 13:32

Underlying net profit of ABN Amro increased by 44 percent compared to the first quarter of 2014. The first-quarter profit of the bank this year is at 543 million euros. The cost/income ratio of the bank improved from 56 to 58 percent.

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May 13 '15 13:24

Banks are warning consumers against online services that convert old nine-digit Dutch bank account numbers into IBAN codes, reports NOS. Banks stopped providing the service last month.

May 13 '15 10:59

The Dutch economy grew for the fourth consecutive quarter, as the figures for the first quarter published by Statistics Netherlands show. The growth amounted to 0.4 percent as compared to the last quarter of 2014. Compared to one year before, the size of taThe Dutch economy grew for the fourth consecutive quarter, as the figures for the first quarter published by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) show. The growth amounted to 0.4 percent as compared to the last quarter of 2014. Compared to one year before, the size of the Dutch economy increased by 2.4 percent.he Dutch economy increased by 2.4%.

May 12 '15 16:15

American pharmaceutical firm Pfizer has purchased a minority stake in the Dutch biopharmaceutical AM-Pharma. The American firm has an exclusive option to buy out the whole company after committing an upfront payment of 87.5 million.

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May 12 '15 15:15

Cuban-American brothers Alfredo and Gustavo Villodo filed a lawsuit in the United States worth between 1.7 and five billion dollars against ING for not complying with the economic sanctions against Cuba, reports NOS.

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May 12 '15 14:50

ABN Amro is recalculating the fine charged for prematurely repaying mortgages, the bank reported today in response to a Tuesday's broadcast of TV program Radar. Some customers complained that they had to pay a heavy fine to pay off their mortgage or when refinancing their loan.

May 12 '15 12:05

An expectant mom was pleasantly surprised by an endearing letter from telling her that a product she ordered is unavailable.

Shell Refueller
May 12 '15 09:15

Shell is one step closer to being able to drill in the United States arctic. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management conditionally approved the oil company's exploration plan in the Chukchi Sea on Monday.

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May 11 '15 18:11

Hilton Hotel at Schiphol may open earlier than originally expected, says the hotel management. Previously, the hotel announced its opening as "early fourth quarter", but now Hilton says it will open the doors of the hotel in the first week of September, according to Misset Horeca.

May 11 '15 17:58

Ahold and Delhaize, one of the largest Belgian grocers, are discussing a merger, reports Belgian business daily De Tijd. The talks are still in their early stages, according to the newspaper. Neither of the two companies officially commented on the issue.

May 11 '15 17:45

In the first quarter of 2015, the market value of Dutch companies listed on Amsterdam's stock exchange, Euronext Amsterdam, rose to 735 billion Euros, reports the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). Compared to the previous quarter, it grew by 101 billion. This is the largest absolute increase since the last quarter of 1999.

May 11 '15 17:29

Marina Wyatt, the CFO of TomTom, will leave the company at the end of July in order to take up the position of CFO at the London based UBM plc, a global events and communications company. Wyatt served as CFO of TomTom since 2005.

Ajax Club
May 11 '15 16:43

The Amsterdam Arena may get a name change in the coming years, says stadium boss Henk Markerink. He thinks a sponsorship deal could bring in four million euros, he told broadcaster BNR.

Photo: Airbnb Logo
May 11 '15 14:40

A tenant in Amsterdam who placed his social housing apartment on Airbnb rental service now has to vacate the house within two weeks, reports RTL Nieuws. The investigation showed that the house was sublet for at least 130 days, the housing firm's lawyer said based on reviews Airbnb guests left for the apartment.

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May 11 '15 11:57

It is still difficult for self-employed workers, including freelancers, to close a mortgage, concludes the Association of Homeowners (VEH) based on a survey of 851 people in the Netherlands. Self-employed who want to close their mortgage find themselves in "a world of distrust and opposition," writes the association in their report.

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May 8 '15 17:38

Ziggo and UPC lost around 50,000 customers in the first three months of this year. This was largely a result of the merger between the two companies, reported Ziggo at the presentation of the first quarter results on Friday.

SBM Offshore
May 8 '15 17:29

SBM Offshore is laying off more workers than initially expected, the gas and oil supplier announced on Thursday at the presentation of the figures for its first quarter performance. The company had a significantly lower turnover than a year before, partly because of the sharp decrease in the oil prices, reports Telegraaf.

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May 8 '15 14:32

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (CBP) and Facebook cease their ongoing legal battle, as both parties reported earlier this week. CBP recently imposed a conditional penalty on Facebook for not sharing all information that the agency required for an investigation of privacy violation.

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May 8 '15 13:32

Rental rates for accommodation rose by 1.9% in the Netherlands in the first quarter compared to the same period a year earlier. The average rent rose to 12.6 euros per square meter, according to the market rental figures published by the rental service Pararius earlier today.

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May 8 '15 13:32

Air France and KLM have been working on a new governance structure for the joint airline, reports Volkskrant. The aim is to further integrate the two companies and reduce the power of the holding company Air France-KLM. The airline plans to appoint current board members of KLM to the Air France board and vice versa as a part of tightening the integration.

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May 8 '15 08:56

The Netherlands and Cuba will be working more closely together in future. Minister Bert Koenders of Foreign Affairs made this agreement during his visit to Cuba, the ministry announced on Friday. Koenders said that the Netherlands has a "solid relationship" with Cuba, ANP reports.

May 7 '15 17:15

The American heiress to the Goudstikker family, Marei von Saher, is selling 28 of the 202 paintings that the Dutch government transferred to her nine years ago. The paintings were looted by Nazi officers during the German occupation of the Netherlands in the Second World War, and will go up for bid at Christie's auction house on June 3rd in New York.

Perfume Store
May 7 '15 16:34

Some consumers who think they are saving up to 25 percent when buying perfume are often duped in a price inflation trick used by retailers, according to a customer study by consumer advocates Consumentenbond. Discounts provided by stores frequently do not reflect the actual decrease in the price, the authority warns.

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May 7 '15 16:23

ING bank reported a net result of 1.18 billion for the first quarter of 2015. This is a 43 percent improvement on the result from a year ago, and more than double the amount earned in the fourth quarter of 2014. Including the performance of the insurance branch, ING showed a net result of 1.77 billion in the first quarter.