Sep 11 '14 10:18

The Municipality of Amsterdam has shut 30 illegal hotels in the city over the last three weeks, and has imposed fines amounting to more than €216,000 to other establishments, as part of a wide and ongoing operation to tackle illegal hotels in Amsterdam. Het Parool reports.

Sep 11 '14 09:40

Foodwatch, the food watchdog organization, is opening the voting for its annual 'Gouden Windei' (Golden Wind Egg) competition, which asks consumers to reveal what they believe is the product that uses the biggest misinformation on its packaging, compared to its contents.

Photo: Apple Keynote - Tommy Krul
Sep 10 '14 16:22

The iWatch may have been the big story in the lead up to Apple’s annual keynote address, but a game develops debute of the infinity scarf is the product thats really got everybody talking. The developer, now deemed "scarf guy", has been revealed to be co-founder of Super Evil Mega Corp and Dutchman Tommy Krul.

Sep 10 '14 15:39

Air France-KLM expects to invest 1 billion euro into budget subsidiary Transavia in the next five years, CEO Alexandre de Juniac said in an interview on Wednesday.

Sep 10 '14 15:16

Rabobank will soon release Rabo Wallet, an Android application that allows you to pay amounts up to 25 euro without a PIN by holding your smartphone against a payment terminal.

Sep 10 '14 14:58

Delft is going to suffer in the coming years due to the setbacks in the railway zone. Taxes will probably rise and grants will be removed. The city is heading for bankruptcy.

Sep 10 '14 12:28

Coffeelicious in Dordrecht has been awarded first place the Misset Koffie Top 100 coffee rankings, which judges the best coffee companies from across the Netherlands. The judged said of this years winner that Coffeelicious gave customers a whole round traditional coffee experience.

Sep 9 '14 15:39

The purchasing power of the Dutch population decreased by 1.1 percent in 2013, Statistics Netherlands announced today.

Sep 9 '14 15:15

Two executives who, according to the Borstlap commission, were partly responsible for the mistreatment of NZa employee Arthur Gotlieb, have been put on leave.

Fisher Price Piet
Sep 9 '14 11:17

Toy company Fisher Price sold its last Zwarte Piet dolls in The Netherlands yesterday after various media reported that the company would stop production of the doll, which is part of a set including Piet, Sinterklaas and his horse Schimmel. Online as well as in stores, there was a rush to buy the dolls, which sold by the hundreds.

Sep 8 '14 17:54

The European Union today proposed new sanctions against Russia, despite the shaky cease-fire that was agreed upon between Kiev and the pro-Russian separatists in the eastern Ukraine.

Sep 8 '14 13:52

Parties in the Dutch film industry wants to send letters to internet users who download movies from illegal sources, in which they are made aware of their behavior, reports.

Sep 5 '14 15:06

A study done by UWV into employment in the IT sector shows that the demand for IT staff increased significantly this year.

Photo: Airbnb Logo
Sep 5 '14 14:14

The Association of Insurers has warned consumers that homeowners who rent out their homes through popular sites like Airbnb and Wimdu are often not insured against fire, damage or injury to their guests. Standard home insurance policies do not provide coverage for temporary rentals.

Sep 5 '14 14:06

Stimulation and growth are the key to the European Central Banks (ECB) plan for economic recovery as it launches its small and midsize business lending scheme. The ECB will begin buying up bad loans directly from banks in an effort to encourage banks to provide capital to growing businesses.

Sep 4 '14 14:39

The Municipal Tax Service in Amsterdam has again made a mistake. This time the municipality refunded too little of the waste charges.

G-Star store (Source: Wikimedia/Hardstyler)
Sep 4 '14 13:21

More than three quarters of the Dutch clothing companies that signed the Bangladesh accord will not say with which Bangladeshi factories they are doing business with. This makes it very difficult for consumers to know whether the garments they purchase are made in a safe factory with good working conditions.

Sep 3 '14 15:03

Relative to the Dollar, the Euro is at its lowest point in a year.

3D Printer (Source: Wikimedia/Krassotkin)
Sep 3 '14 14:13

The Amsterdam company specializing in 3D printing, 3D Hubs, announced on Wednesday that the company has collected $4.5 million (€3.7 million) from investors one year after its establishment.

For Sale signs (Source: Wikimedia/Andy F)
Sep 2 '14 14:41

The value of homes fell sharply last year to below the price level of 2007. On the qualifying date of January 1st 2014 the average WOZ value amounted to 211 thousand euros, a decrease of more than 5 percent in a year.

Hotel Room Efteling
Sep 2 '14 08:22

The average price of an overnight stay in a hotel room in The Netherlands has risen by two percent in the fist half of this year compared with the same period last year. Travelers are now paying €124 on average for a hotel room. This comes from the Hotel Price Index from booking site

Sep 1 '14 13:58

With over a thousand of the country's cafes and bars closing up shop in the last five years, local brewers have been hit particularly hard. The number of pubs in the country fell from 8,400 to 7,200, leaving brewers to battle it out for sales in a highly competitive market.

Double decker train in Amsterdam
Sep 1 '14 12:03

Dutch national train operator NS will increase seating capacity on some of its busiest routes beginning Monday. As summer transitions into autumn, the government-run firm is adding carriages to trains in an effort to prevent overcrowding during the railway's busiest season of the year.

NXP Semiconductors
Aug 29 '14 16:34

Apple is working with Dutch chipmaker NXP to include pay-by-touch technology in the iPhone 6. The sale of the near field communication (NFC) chip to Apple is expected to be a huge boost for NXP with the iPhone 6 predicted to make record sales.