Henk Kamp
Jan 30 '15 13:53

The Dutch government has no plans to change the amount of gas extracted out of Groningen this year, wrote Economic Affairs Minister Henk Kamp on Thursday. The current level of 39.4 billion cubic meters was recently introduced to reduce the risk of earthquake, and that will remain in effect for now, according to

Jan 30 '15 13:43

Four of the five largest industry pension funds had a funding shortfall on December 31st, 2014, the pension funds announced today. That means that their coverage is less than the required minimum of 104.2 percent.

Jan 29 '15 18:12

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was on hand at the opening of the new European headquarters of Israeli-owned global production and manufacturing company Israel Chemicals Limited (ICL) in Amsterdam.

Jan 29 '15 14:29

The court in Leeuwarden has reversed Spyker's bankruptcy during an appeal. Victor Muller managed to produce an amount of 4.3 million euro with which the most acute debts can be paid. The court therefore decided that administrator Henk Pasman was too hasty in applying for bankruptcy.

Jan 29 '15 12:07

KLM pilots have no confidence in Air France's promise that the control of finances will remain with KLM.

Jan 29 '15 10:00

The bankrupt Dutch fashion chain Mexx is making a restart with few dozen stores, including 8 in the Netherlands. The acquirer is the Turkish Eroglu, a group which specializes in apparel and retail. The bankruptcy administrator Frits Kemp made this announcement on Wednesday.

Jan 29 '15 09:46

The United States Justice Department is investigating whether Rabobank ignored signs of money laundering at its US branches in California. The investigation could lead to additional enforcement action against Rabobank, Bloomberg reports

Jan 28 '15 15:00

According to the foreman of employers association VNO-NCW, Hans de Boer, a quarter of the Dutch budget for development cooperation, 1 billion euros, should be invested in emergency aid "with the expressed aim to be first in any disaster."

Jan 28 '15 14:02

It has been a bad week for shoe stores. A court in Amsterdam has declared the shoe chain House of Shoes bankrupt. On Tuesday, retail chain Schoenenreus sent a letter to its staff stating the company had requested a postponement of payments, a harbinger of a possible bankruptcy. Schonenreus stores were closed on Tuesday.

Jan 28 '15 09:43

KLM will retain control over its own finances. Parent company Air France-KLM's plans to transfer the subsidiaries' extra cash to the holding company is off the table, the French-Dutch airline group announced on Tuesday.

Jan 28 '15 08:35

The bankruptcy administrators of Halfords have recently agreed to reopen at least another 12 outlets of the chain. The buyers are existing franchisees and former employees. With this step, the restart of Halfords has been completed.

Jan 27 '15 11:07

A large number of V&D employees plan to sue their own board because of the mandatory salary reduction of 5.8 percent. More than a hundred employees have already indicated that they will go to court once they've received the February payslips, including the salary sacrifice, Volkskrant reports
Jan 27 '15 10:41

Landlords of independent rental homes (apartments or homes with their own kitchens and bathrooms) in the regulated sector (social rent) are also allowed this year to let income play a role in the annual rent increase. The base rent increase of up to 2.5 percent will take effect on July 1st.

Photo: Phillips Headquarters, Amsterdam
Jan 27 '15 10:14

In the fourth quarter of 2014, Philips' profit decreased by two thirds. The electronic company from Eindhoven suffered from disappointing sales in the healthcare market and in China and Russia. This is evident from figures that Philips published today.

Jan 27 '15 09:56

Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher (Social Affairs and Employment announced during a visit to IBM Amsterdam that 14 million euro will be made available for the employment plan Amsterdam "Making work of talent".

Henk Kamp
Jan 26 '15 18:37

The Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp, will be visiting China next week, in an attempt to bring Dutch entrepreneurs and scientists more opportunities in burgeoning Chinese markets. Like Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan's similar trip to China in October 2014, the goal will also be to bring more Chinese investment and tourism to the Netherlands.

Jan 26 '15 12:08

Jewish communities and Holocaust memorial groups are at loggerheads with the owners of what has been called “world’s largest ship” over the name that was chosen for the vessel.

Jan 26 '15 10:42

Klaas Knot, President of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB), confirmed on Sunday that he voted against the exceptional support measures of the European Central Bank (ECB). He said this in the television program Buitenhof.
Jan 23 '15 10:21

Dozens of tenants' organizations are meeting in Utrecht on Saturday to plan actions against the rent increases. The Woonbond started the campaign "Block the rent increase" today and wants politicians to put an end to the policy that allows skyrocketing rent increases.

Jan 23 '15 10:04

Almost all the measures against bird flu have been lifted. Secretary of State Dijksma said in the Second Chamber that the only measure that remains in effect is that of indoor confinement. That means that the poultry must remain indoors.

Jan 22 '15 16:44

Alternative taxi service Uber has a new competitor launching in Amsterdam. Taxify is entering the marketplace, and will allow customers to order taxis via their smartphone app in a similar fashion.

Looking for a job
Jan 22 '15 14:03

The number of unemployed in the Netherlands rose by 12 thousand in December and amounted to 642 thousand people, Netherlands Statistics announced today.

Jan 22 '15 12:11

Chip machine maker ASML will pay two additional monthly salaries to its employees after an outstanding year, anonymous sources told De Telegraaf.

Jan 22 '15 11:24

Martin Fontein (62), the director of ADO Den Haag, is in Beijing this week to finalize the long awaited takeover the the Chinese United Vansen.