Ajax Club
Jul 9 '15 09:32

Ajax has been named the most fiscally stable football club in Europe for the second year in a row

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Jul 8 '15 11:03

Nine percent of all people on welfare benefits also have a part-time job. This percentage is 16 percent for single parents on welfare. This saves nearly 350 million euros for social services each year, as they have to pay less out.

Working Woman
Jul 7 '15 14:35

Demotion is becoming an increasingly popular option for employers. Almost half of Dutch organizations have demotion on the agenda for their personnel policy.

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Jul 7 '15 14:14

The government's intention to invest an extra 250 million euros in childcare as part of the new tax plan, could create 7 thousand childcare jobs in the Netherlands.

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Jul 7 '15 14:03

The adventures of the Ijsselstein car rental agency owner Mark Stroop who chased a couple of car thieves to Iraq in 2013, will be made into a movie.

Jul 7 '15 09:59

A number of Dutch banks are not fully complying with the commitments they made to improve the sustainability of their investments. Some banks are still investing in nuclear weapons and arms programs.

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Jul 6 '15 12:47

A total of 10,732 jobs were created for people with disabilities at the end of 2014 - 9,224 in the private sector and 1,508 in the public sector.

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Jul 6 '15 10:50

One in three college and university students borrow money from DUO - the Office of Education. 33 percent of these students borrow this money to build up a savings account for when they are done with their studies or some to purchase their own home.

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Jul 6 '15 09:18

More than 61 percent of Greek voters voted "no" to the European lenders' proposals in the referendum on Sunday. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Dutch Minister of Finance and current Eurogroup president, called the result "extremely regrettable".

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Jul 3 '15 17:15

Greek Finance mInister Yanis Varoufakis' statements that an agreement between Greece and the other euro countries is in the offing, is "completely untrue", according to to Eurogroup chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem

Jul 3 '15 16:00

V&D has reached an agreement with the unions. The company will not cut its employees' wages, but to make this possible, a reorganisation will be necessary.

Holland Casino in Eindhoven
Jul 2 '15 12:47

Willem-Jan van den Dijssel will be stepping down as interim CEO of Holland Casino as of August 1st, the casino announced on Wednesday. An investigation into his claims revealed that Van den Dijssel made private charges to a business credit card and repaid it late.

Jul 2 '15 09:32

KLM is decreasing the number of flights in its winter schedule in an effort to compensate for falling revenues, the airline announced on Wednesday.

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Jul 1 '15 14:30

Employers in small and medium sized enterprises have laid off hundreds of employees these last few days in an effort to avoid the new work and security law, and the severance pay it entails, which took effect today.

houe for sale/sold sign
Jun 30 '15 15:30

The housing market in the Netherlands is recovering much faster than previously expected. This year may show a 10 percent increase in the number of homes sold compared to last year.

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Jun 30 '15 12:47

The VVD is pulling its support to the Cabinet's proposed increase on sale tax on many goods and services now that the negotiations on the tax reform has collapsed.

Jun 30 '15 09:42

Two-thirds of Dutch pension funds, including 4 of the 5 largest funds, are in so much financial trouble that they will have to submit a recovery plan to De Nederlandsche Bank. This involves 160 of the approximately 250 pension funds in the Netherlands. For many of these funds, this will be the second recovery plan they submit.

Jun 30 '15 09:10

The negotiations on the cabinet's tax plan have fallen apart due to too large differences between the political parties' views.

Jun 29 '15 15:25

The Amsterdam stock exchange opened the AEX significantly lower on Monday morning due to the escalation of the Greek financial crisis.

Jun 29 '15 11:35

The Eurogroup did not manage to reach an agreement with Greece on the last part of the current lending program which expires at the end of this month. The Greek government has broken off the negotiations. Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher calls the situation "extremely troublesome".

ABN Amro
Jun 29 '15 10:56

Dutch banks are ready for the expected financial turmoil in Greece this week. The country announced that banks would be closed on Monday to introduce capital controls, news agency Reuters reports.

Jun 26 '15 12:00

Minister Lodewijk Asscher of Social Affairs defended his jobs plan to growing doubt on its success during a parliamentary debate in the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament. "It is more than just an emergency measure", he said. "The goal is to emerge stronger from the crisis."

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Jun 25 '15 11:55

Russian president Vladimir Putin has extended the import ban on food from the West, including the Netherlands, by one year. This was done in response to the European Union extending the sanctions against Russia by 6 months earlier this week.

Jun 25 '15 11:11

Hans de Boer, head of employers' organization VNO-NCW, has apologized for calling unemployed people lazy and disinterested in an interview with the Volkskrant on Wednesday.