Nov 21 '14 08:44

For more than half a year the prices of existing homes have been higher than in the same month in 2013.

Nov 21 '14 08:29

Sex workers who work without a contract with the government will soon have the tax authorities after them. State Secretary Eric Wiebes of Finance made this promise in a letter to the Second Chamber.

sint taxi chocolate
Nov 20 '14 17:31

A taxi firm in Amsterdam is refusing to drive people dressed as Sinterklaas or Zwarte Piet in protest of human rights violations widely believed to be perpetrated by the chocolate industry. Taxi Electric says that four of every ten chocolate bars are made by children, and one in ten is produced by slave labour.

Nov 20 '14 16:38

Another case of avian influenza detected on a poultry farm in Ter Aar, Zuid Holland will lead to another three-day nationwide poultry transportation ban. All of the roughly 43,000 egg-laying hens on the farm will be culled, the Ministry of Economic Affairs said in a statement Thursday.

Nov 20 '14 14:30

The Cabinet wants to revise the agreements with energy companies Shell and ExxonMobil on the extraction and sale of Dutch gas.

Nov 20 '14 14:03

On Thursday iZettle introduced a new mobile payment service to help prevent small businesses and retailers missing out on sales. With it even homeless street newspaper vendors can be paid with a debit card.

Nov 20 '14 12:54

Despite a slight decline in unemployment figures, unemployment remains the biggest concern for the Cabinet, according to Minister Lodewijk Asscher of Social Affairs.

Nov 20 '14 12:21

According to Statistics Netherlands, consumers spent 0.6 percent less on goods and services in September than in the same month last year. Consumer confidence deteriorated in November, especially regarding the economy.

Nov 20 '14 12:06

Jordan Belfort, who became internationally famous after Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed him in the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street, feels that the Wall Street of the years preceding the 2008 financial crisis, is worse than the Wall Street of the eighties.

Nov 20 '14 11:41

Randstad and Adecco, two of the largest Dutch temporary employment agencies, violate the privacy laws of their workers at different points.

Nov 19 '14 11:56

Google has made an agreement with Eneco for the supply of green electricity. The internet giant will use the power from a new wind farm to feed its data center, which is still under construction, in Eemshaven.

Nov 19 '14 11:08

There is good news for passengers flying economy class - KLM will soon be using a new, better and more spacious chair.

Nov 19 '14 10:40

ABN Amro will close at least 100 offices in the next few years, approximately one third of the current offices.

Nov 19 '14 10:30

The people who get an additional tax for 2014, will also get less holiday money due to the same government measure. For people with middle incomes, this can amount to up to 12.23 percent, according to calculations by salary processor Salar.

Nov 19 '14 08:06

According to Hema, the allegations that their new smartphones are imitations of the smartphones of Chinese manufacturer ZOPO, is "complete nonsense".

Nov 18 '14 14:18

The public transport companies and Minister Lodewijk Asscher has set aside 20 million euro to recruit enough drivers, conductors, mechanics and engineers in the coming years.

Nov 18 '14 13:02

For the time being South Korea will not import any poultry from the Netherlands, reports South Korean news agency Yonhap. The reason for this ban is the bird flu that was discovered on a farm in Hekendorp over the weekend.

Nov 18 '14 11:40

The SP is advocating for a health insurance for everyone. SP Parliament Member Renske Leijten has proposed the plan "Then National Healthcare Provision", which includes lower premiums, higher quality of care and taking the power away from insurance companies.

Nov 18 '14 10:03

The five major energy companies, which import coal from Colombia in South America, has promised to investigate any abuses and human rights violations around the coal mining.

Nov 18 '14 08:25

Herna Verhagen (48), chairman of the board of directors of PostNL, has been named the most powerful woman of 2014 by Opzij. She is one of two women to be CEO of a listed company in the Netherlands.
Nov 17 '14 14:29

According to Natuur & Milieu (Nature & Environment), wind farms on the sea provide billions to environmental gains, if the social benefits are included.

Nov 17 '14 13:59

he Land Registry announced on Monday that the number of home sales increased in October by 44.6 percent, compared to the same period last year.

Nov 17 '14 13:32

Many people are considering emigration because of the economy. Especially young people think that they will find a better financial future abroad.

Nov 17 '14 11:23

Hema starts selling its own smartphones and tablets from Monday. The retailer is the first Dutch store that offers a smartphone and tablet under its own brand.