Looking for a job
Jan 22 '15 14:03

The number of unemployed in the Netherlands rose by 12 thousand in December and amounted to 642 thousand people, Netherlands Statistics announced today.

Jan 22 '15 12:11

Chip machine maker ASML will pay two additional monthly salaries to its employees after an outstanding year, anonymous sources told De Telegraaf.

Jan 22 '15 11:24

Martin Fontein (62), the director of ADO Den Haag, is in Beijing this week to finalize the long awaited takeover the the Chinese United Vansen.

Jan 21 '15 14:31

Liquor firm Lucas Bols will be listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange on February 4th. This announcement was made today by the parent company of brands such as Bols, Bokma, Pisang, Ambon and Coebergh.

Credit cards (Source: Wikimedia/Sprinno)
Jan 21 '15 14:21

The number of debit card payments in the Netherlands increased by nearly 10 percent last year. The number of payments made with iDeal increased with more than a quarter. This is according to Payments Association Netherlands.

For Sale signs (Source: Wikimedia/Andy F)
Jan 21 '15 12:10

Statistics Netherlands announced today that the average price level for existing homes was 0.9 percent higher last year than in 2013. This is the first time since the financial crisis in 2008 that the average price level of a year is higher than that of the previous year.

Jan 21 '15 10:56

This past year was a record year for chip producer ASML. Last year the company's revenue rose from 5.25 billion euros to 5.85 billion euros, an increase of almost 12 percent. The profits increased by 18 percent from 1.02 billion euros to 1.2 billion euros.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 4.08.54 PM
Jan 20 '15 16:48

The second-hand electronic book selling platform,, must be shut down within three days, ruled the Amsterdam Court today in an appeal which was brought in by the Dutch Publishers Association (NUV). The CEO, Marc Jellema, intends to continue the sale of the used e-books and adjust the business towards a pirating free system.

Jan 20 '15 14:37

VNO-NCW chairman Hans de Boer wants the income tax in its present form to be changed. He wants income up to 100 thousand euro to be taxed wit 35 percent, and a tax rate of 45 percent to apply to incomes above 100 thousand euro.

Jan 20 '15 13:10

In 2014 63 million euros was raised in the Netherlands through crowdfunding. That is double compared to 2013.

Jan 20 '15 11:02

Agreements on the "chicken of tomorrow", which is slightly more animal-friendly than traditional factory-farm chicken, are illegal. This is according to a draft of a report by competition police Authority Consumer & Market (ACM), which is in the possession of De Boerderij, Volkskrant reports

Jan 19 '15 15:58

Prime Minister Mark Rutte will attend this year's meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland this week. Finance Minister and Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lillianne Ploumen, and Minister for Health, Welfare and Sport Edith Schippers will also attend the forum in Davos.

Jan 19 '15 14:34

Many Dutch people still save, despite the low interest rate. For many people the savings account appears to be a "safe" way to keep a grip on the finances. About 78 percent of the wealth in the Netherlands is held in savings, the highest rate in Europe.

Jan 19 '15 14:18

As of February V&D personnel will receive 5.8 percent less salary. 50 of the 450 jobs will also be cut at the headquarters. According to the department store, these measures are necessary to be competitive.

Jan 19 '15 13:59

Last week hotel chain Van der Valk opened the first Valk Versmarkt (fresh market) next to the Hotel de Gouden Leeuw in Voorschoten. If you like the bread at breakfast, you can now also buy it next door. "Everything we already buy for our hotels, Van der Valk customers can now also take home", says Mark van der Valk, director of the fresh market.

Jan 19 '15 13:23

IT companies threaten to leave the Netherlands because it is too difficult to get qualified staff. Unit4 closed a number of branches in the Netherlands for that reason, with 300 lost jobs as the result, De Telegraaf reports.

Jan 18 '15 11:21

Missteps on social media is the cause of employees being fired in ten percent of all cases, new data released last week shows. Three hundred dismissals involved social media behaviour as a reason for firing in 2014, according to legal service provider DAS.

Jan 16 '15 17:47

The Netherlands saw a total of 6,645 businesses go bankrupt in 2014. This constituted a 21-percent drop from 2013 which saw a record 8,376 bankruptcies across the country, according to new data released by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) on Friday.

Jan 16 '15 14:04

Utrecht fashion chain Thom Broekman is bankrupt, marking the third blow to the Dutch fashion industry in only a week.

Jan 16 '15 12:11

Charlie Hebdo was finally delivered to retailers in the Netherlands this morning, only to be quickly sold out in most branches.

Jan 15 '15 14:06

Ahold has announced a transfer of leadership, with Wouter Kolk named the new CEO of Albert Heijn and Executive Committee member at Ahold, the company said in a statement

Jan 15 '15 13:45

Thirty percent more homes were sold in the fourth quarter of 2014 than in the same period the year before. The average price of an abode sold in the Netherlands now stands at 215,000 euros which is 3.5 percent higher than last year and 5 percent higher than during the worst times of the economic crisis, according to NVM brokers in their latest figures.

Jan 15 '15 13:24

People with high incomes should invest less in their pensions, so billions of euros would be freed for consumption, the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) says.

Jan 15 '15 08:27

Copies of satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo did not arrive in the Netherlands for distribution on Thursday, as previously expected. The cause of the delay is not known.