Oct 3 '14 15:07

In 2013 the government paid 10.4 billion euro to rent, health care and childcare subsidies.

Oct 3 '14 13:33

Major online stores, such as Coolblue and, will no longer publish a large part of their ranges on price comparison site

Oct 2 '14 16:27

On Thursday the disciplinary court ruled that Hema continue with the notary service they launched last year.

Oct 2 '14 15:58

Robots are starting to push man out of the workplace, research bureau Deloitte has reported.

Oct 2 '14 15:34

Health insure CZ announced yesterday that from January 1st they will no longer be doing business with a large number of practitioners of mental disorders.

Henk Kamp
Oct 2 '14 11:58

Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs will be called into Parliament to answer for the earthquake problem in Groningen, after MP for the Socialist Party, Eric Smaling, asked for clarification. A majority of Parliament supports the call, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

Oct 2 '14 08:26

Politicians are favoring a harder line, and being stricter on the rules of bonuses for banks. In a Parliament meeting about the cabinet plan to tackle banker bonuses, ruling party, the PvdA, will demand an increase in fines for banks and insurers who dismiss the bonus ban, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

Oct 1 '14 16:07

Almost half of the employers in the Netherlands asked their staff to take a lower position and less salary last year.

Sep 30 '14 13:15

The PvdA feels that the vacancy of offices, shops and commercial buildings must be addressed.

Sep 30 '14 13:00

Deputy PM Lodewijk Asscher has expressed fears that robots will increasingly be able to take over tasks historically performed by people, leading to a future rise in unemployment. Robots could replace cleaners, warehouse employees and even taxi drivers, according to Asscher.

NS Train
Sep 30 '14 12:43

National rail firm Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) announced Tuesday that bathrooms will be installed on Sprinter trains across the Netherlands by mid 2021, nearly four years earlier than previously expected. State Secretary for Infrastructure and Environment Wilma Mansveld wrote that installation of the toilets will begin in the first quarter of 2018 and involve 131 trains.

Asian chef
Sep 30 '14 09:50

Asian restaurants have been in discussion with Minister Lodewijk Asscher of Social Affairs and benefits agency UWV about receiving work permits to attract top Asian chefs to their restaurants. The parties came to an agreement, which will be officially signed on Wednesday in Amsterdam, de Telegraaf reports.

Sep 30 '14 08:43

Dutch bank ING has had the most disruptions to the internet banking system this year than any other bank. Customers have had to deal with in total 142 days of system failure, of which 18 were large-scale, RTL Nieuws reports.

Sep 29 '14 11:16

Politicians in Rotterdam have told football club Feyenoord that it may have to come up with the millions needed for the extra land that construction company BAM needs to rebuild De Kuip stadium according to their measurements, De Telegraaf reports.

Sep 26 '14 15:59

VUmc's CEO Wouter Bos (former Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of Finance) informed employees of the medical center in Amsterdam that VUmc has to make big cutbacks and this will likely have consequences for the staff.

Air France
Sep 26 '14 15:23

Air France-KLM announced today that they have met the demands of striking pilots by stopping the expansion plans of subsidiary Transavia. Now they want the pilots to go back to work.

Sep 26 '14 15:05

Mindert Mulder, who has been working as Cure director at the Dutch Health Care Authority (NZa) since late 2008, is leaving the NZa.

Sep 26 '14 11:38

Now that the EU aid scheme for European farmers have been scrapped, whatever surplus farmers have left over from their harvests of fruits and vegetables is not being sent to food banks, Food Banks Netherlands tells BNR.

Sep 26 '14 10:43

In Utrecht, the Public Prosecution Authority announced yesterday that it will indict the treasurer of homeless newspaper Straatnieuws (Street News) for fraud. Former PvdA council member Bert van der Roest reportedly stole €45,000 from the paper during his time as treasurer, the NRC reports.

Sep 26 '14 08:40

After being one of the first companies to institute a quota to employ female employees for top functions, telecom giant KPN has silently discontinued the practice. According to De Telegraaf, this is due to the pressure from non-native Dutch applicants.

Air France
Sep 25 '14 16:02

The Air France-KLM pilots continue to strike despite substantial concessions from management.

Sep 25 '14 15:44

From October 1st the Netherlands will have a new health insurer - Anno12.

Sep 25 '14 15:24

The American investment house Accel Partners has invested 10 million euro into Dutch auction company Catawiki.

Sep 25 '14 15:00

Despite heavy criticism of accountants, they refuse to cut their fee. Offices and firms have to pay heavy fees to work with high quality accountants.