Oct 17 '14 15:30

Minister of Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem considers it too early and "too somber" to already say that a new economic crisis is on the way.

Credit cards (Source: Wikimedia/Sprinno)
Oct 17 '14 13:36

According to the Dutch Institute for Budged Information Nibud, households with financial problems cost society 11 billion euro annually.

Oct 17 '14 13:26

Air France pilots will back a planned expansion of Transavia after ongoing talks between Air France and union representation. Parent company Air France-KLM announced Thursday they will begin expansion of Transavia beginning next summer with up to 14 Boeing 737 airplanes, according to Z24

Oct 17 '14 12:58

On Friday, October 17th, the Swedish fashion chain Hennes & Mauritz opens a new branch in Rotterdam. With a surface are of 4,500 square meters, this is the largest H&M shop in Europe.

Oct 17 '14 10:42

Aid workers who want to go work in Ebola infected areas, can't get any additional insurance due to the high cost of repatriation.

Oct 16 '14 15:50

The largest pepernoten factory in the world opens in Amsterdam on Wednesday. This is also the first pepernoten store in the Netherlands.

Oct 16 '14 12:57

About 900 jobs will disappear with the merger of cable operators Ziggo and UPC Netherlands in November. This is about 20 percent of the total number of employees.

Oct 16 '14 12:22

In a press release the City of Amsterdam announced that starting today all taxi services departing from Schiphol Airport will be taken over by taxi organizations BIOS-groep and BBF SchipholTaxi.

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Oct 16 '14 11:46

Unemployment in the Netherlands dropped for the fifth consecutive month last September, the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) has reported.

Oct 16 '14 10:49

The CDA and D66 are working together in the discussions with the Cabinet over a new tax system.

Oct 16 '14 09:44

On Thursday morning Schiphol CEO Jos Nijhuis praised the "energy and commitment" with which departed colleague Camiel Eurlings of KLM gave substance to his position.

KLM badge
Oct 16 '14 08:44

The head of the Dutch arm of Air France-KLM, Camiel Eurlings, resigned overnight with immediate effect. Second-in-command Pieter Elbers took over for Eurlings, who lead KLM as President and CEO for four years, according to a KLM press release.

Oct 15 '14 16:36

Figures from Statistics Netherlands indicate that women have significantly less confidence in the economy than men.

Oct 14 '14 17:32

British budget airline EasyJet will offer six new destinations for passengers traveling from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. The airline will likely take passengers between Amsterdam and 25 different locations when they open up their new base at Schiphol next spring.

No image available
Oct 14 '14 16:32

Royal Caribbean Cruises, the owners of Oasis of the Seas -world’s largest cruise ship-, has to pay at least €600,000 in fines for violation of rules and regulations while in the Netherlands; workers on board lacked proper residence papers and worked excessive hours.

Oct 14 '14 12:50

According to new calculations by the Cabinet, the mega cutbacks in healthcare will cost 30 thousand people their jobs.

Oct 14 '14 11:22

Ambulance employees in Amsterdam are experiencing excessive workload due to poor management. Te equipment in the ambulances is outdated and the response times are getting longer.

No image available
Oct 13 '14 14:45

Armor material supplied by a Dutch company may well be used for the protection of US military personnel operating in war zones.

Oct 13 '14 13:58

In an effort to pacify Zwarte Piet backers, Albert Heijn published a "love poem" to Piet in the morning newspapers. The poem reads that Piet is not banned from the shops and that it does not matter to Albert Heijn whether Piet is black or a different color.

Oct 13 '14 13:02

The Cabinet, governing groups and the opposition parties D66, ChristenUnie and SGP have reached an agreement on tightening the pension rules, Z24 reports.

Oct 13 '14 12:14

Netflix has increased the price on their Ultra HD subscription by about 30 percent.

Oct 13 '14 12:02

Today Business association AWVN is presenting a plan to Prime Minister Mark Rutte to reform the social security system.

According to the plan, everyone who works must be insured against unemployment and illness, have a mandatory supplementary pension and receive money for schooling. This includes the 1.2 million freelancers.

Oct 13 '14 10:54

Several of the Albert Heijn franchise owners have decided to defy the supermarket chain's national policy to remove Zwarte Piet from advertisements.

Franchise owner Schuytgraaf from Arnhem stated of Facebook that Zwarte Piet will be found in his store in Elst during the coming months. This status update received more than 2 thousand likes. "On 5 December Zwarte Piet will be walking through the store as usual," he says.

As far as franchiser Hans Geveling is concerned, nothing will change in Albert Heijn stores in Huissen, Bemmel, Gendt and Druten.

Oct 10 '14 16:13

The cable group Liberty Global has received approval from the European Commission for the acquisition of Ziggo, the largest cable television operator in the Netherlands.