Aug 17 '15 14:50

About 500 companies in the installation sector will be affected by Imtech being declared bankrupt. These companies account for 4 percent of all the companies operating in this sector.

Working Woman
Aug 17 '15 14:36

The number of working women in the Netherlands has shown a stronger growth over the past decade than the number of working men. In the second quarter of this year there were a total of 3.8 employed women, compared to 3.4 million in 2005. The number of working women between the ages of 25 and 45 years showed a decrease however.

Aug 17 '15 14:18

The Russian Food and Consumer Safety Authority is not excluding the possibility that there may be negotiations on the import of Dutch flowers before August has ended. Russia will not negotiate with Dutch growers, exporters or the Dutch government however, but only with those who issue certificates showing that the flowers meet requirements

An Uber driver
Aug 17 '15 08:56

Controversial taxi service Uber plans to launch a new taxi service in the Netherlands after the summer for which only licensed, professional taxi drivers will be hired.

Aug 14 '15 15:54

Nespresso is closing its outlets in Bijenkorf department stores and will be opening its own shops. The last Nespresso outlet in Bijenkorf will close early next year

Aug 14 '15 15:36

The Dutch economy is slowly improving, despite the reduction in gas extraction from Groningen. In the second quarter of this year the economy was 1.6 percent stronger than in the same period last year.

Aug 14 '15 10:26

Imtech's bankruptcy is a blow to the whole industry, according to Uneto, the umbrella organization for installation companies in the Netherlands. The organization is especially concerned fro the numerous freelancers and sub-contractors who got lots of work from Imtech.

Aug 13 '15 20:12

Consultancy and service firm Royal Imtech N.V. formally entered bankruptcy protection on Thursday. The fate of part of the Gouda-based company's workforce, including 22,000 global employees, of which 2,700 are in the Netherlands, is not yet known.

woman shopping economy
Aug 13 '15 11:41

Retail trade in June this year were 4.7 percent higher than in the same month last year - the biggest sales growth since July 2008. Online sales and non-food related sales showed the biggest increase

Aug 13 '15 09:55

The Amsterdam North-South subway line will not collapse if Imtech does not survive its financial troubles. Visser & Smit Bouw, a subsidiary of construction company VolkerWessels, will take over if Imtech goes bankrupt, a spokesperson for VolkerWessels confirmed

Aug 12 '15 08:54

Heerlen based solar cell manufacturer Solland Solar is having financial difficulties. Union FNV has applied for bankruptcy on behalf of the company's about 70 employees.

Aug 12 '15 08:31

Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs wants to team up with gas companies to investigate how the enormous gas reserves in the North Sea can best be utilized. According to him, this gas can be used in "the transition to a sustainable energy supply".

ABN Amro
Aug 11 '15 15:52

The Public Prosecutor suspects a banker at ABN Amro Clearing Bank of money laundering and tax fraud

Aug 11 '15 15:34

The Dutch economy is growing faster than expected and is continuing to recover despite the lower gas production. The Dutch economy is expected to grow 2.0 percent this year and 2.4 percent next year. Unemployment is expected to decrease to 6.7 percent next year and the government deficit to 1.5 percent of the gross domestic product.

construction worker
Aug 11 '15 14:42

Construction is the fastest growing sector in the Netherlands this year, with an expected growth of 5 percent over 2015.

Aug 11 '15 11:28

Imtech's financial troubles will have direct consequences for Amsterdam's North/South subway line, spokesperson for the project Raymond Schra said

Aug 10 '15 11:36

From today Russia will be performing intensified checks on Dutch flowers before allowing them into the country. The Dutch flower industry is concerned that this move will do significant harm to the trade

Pumping diesel at petrol stations
Aug 10 '15 09:33

The price of crude oil has almost halved over the past year, but this price decline has had little effect on the price of petrol and diesel. Over the same period, the petrol price decreased by an average of only 5.1 percent.

houe for sale/sold sign
Aug 7 '15 09:26

Banks charge a too high interest rate for tens of thousands of homeowners who have a savings mortgage, because they do not take the savings that homeowners build up for repaying the mortgage into account.

Aug 6 '15 16:31

Two Dutch startup companies landed on the World Economic Forum’s list of the year’s top Technology Pioneers, “the most prominent and forward thinking tech companies,” the organization announced Thursday.

Aug 6 '15 15:30

Former NS CEO Timo Huges will receive a settlement of 175 thousand euros from his former employer. This amount consists of 6 months' salary, in accordance with his notice period. He will not be receiving any severance pay or bonuses

Aug 6 '15 15:24

A suspicious package found in front of a Jumbo supermarket on July 1 was found to contain explosive material that could be used in creating a bomb. The item was dropped off by an unknown person at the shop in Zwolle, Overijssel, police revealed Wednesday evening.

Ziggo Dome
Aug 5 '15 17:55

Several months after the merger of Ziggo and UPC, customers are still jumping ship amid reports of technical issues. The company has lost another 87,000 clients in the second quarter of the year, a 0.7 percent decrease that should cost the firm around 4.2 million euros.

Aug 5 '15 15:08

A new online supermarket will be opening in September. This new superstore is called Picnic and it promises free delivery and guarantees the lowest prices.