Positive coronavirus tests top 50K mark with 3 more deaths

Another 96 people tested positive for a SARS-CoV-2 infection, the novel coronavirus responsible for Covid-19. It brought the total number of people who tested positive for an active infection up to 50,005, with about two-thirds of the new cases found on Thursday, public health agency RIVM said.

Some 6,103 deaths in the Netherlands have been linked to the coronavirus disease, an increase of three. Those new deaths took place on June 24, June 16, and April 11. No fatalities have been recorded on June 20, June 22, or even June 25.

Six more hospitalizations were also tied to Covid-19, including four hospital admissions which took place this week. It raised the Dutch total hospital cases up to 11,868. The three-day average number of new admissions to intensive care units for Covid-19 was down to one, according to data provided by nonprofit organization NICE and the Dutch government.

In total, 577,437 mucus swab tests to identify a SARS-CoV-2 infection have been completed. 

Public health agency RIVM also announced this week that June 30 would be the last date in which the daily Covid-19 statistics related to deaths, hospitalizations, and testing would be released. From July 7 the figures will be released on a weekly basis.