Amsterdam man, missing since 2016, found dead in septic tank in Croatia

A mobile forensics lab from the Amsterdam police
A mobile forensics lab from the Amsterdam police in May 2020NL TimesNL Times

The body of a Croatian man who disappeared after he left Amsterdam on a road trip over three years ago was found in a septic tank, Dutch police confirmed on Thursday. Viktor Jajčanin's remains were found in Dubravica Pologi, Croatia on April 25.

Jajčanin had left Amsterdam in December 2016, destined for Croatia, police said. He was last seen on December 8 that year in the village of Zagorje, about a hundred kilometers south from where his body was recovered. "His vehicle was found unattended after a café visit, but Jajčanin, then 63, had disappeared without a trace," police wrote in a statement.

Forensics investigators in Croatia identified the remains. "His close family in the Netherlands was notified of the death, and the Croatian authorities are further investigating the cause of the Amsterdammer's death."

Dutch police used their annual cold case calendar to try and raise attention to the missing persons case.