Fewer than 100 Covid-19 patients in ICU; First time in 12 weeks

For the first time since March 14, there were fewer than a hundred Covid-19 patients from the Netherlands being treated in intensive care. On Friday, 97 people were staying in the critical care department, over 14 percent lower than a day earlier, according to patient coordination office LCPS.

The Netherlands first asked the country to stay home as much as possible and not to meet in large groups during an evening press conference on March 12. On March 14 there were 94 patients in ICU, according to nonprofit organization NICE.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Netherlands has sent 2,898 patients with the coronavirus disease to intensive care. Of that total, 1,498 recovered and were discharged from the hospital, and 836 have died.

Other hospital departments were treating 467 Covid-19 patients, of which 378 had required treatment in ICU at some point. The total was down about three percent compared to Thursday.