13 more Covid-19 deaths as testing numbers show strong increase

Women wearing respirator masks at Amsterdam's Muntplein. March 2020
Women wearing respirator masks at Amsterdam's Muntplein. March 2020jaalbersDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

Another 13 people were confirmed to have died from Covid-19, public health agency RIVM said on Thursday. Three people were known to have died on Wednesday, and three more deaths took place on Tuesday for five in total. The rest took place in the five weeks prior.

The Dutch death toll rose to 5,990 with the latest update.

Twelve more people were also known to have been hospitalized for the coronavirus disease. The RIVM said at least eight people were admitted between Monday and Tuesday. To date, 11,771 have required treatment in a hospital for the viral infection.

Meanwhile, with municipal health service GGD ramping up testing for Covid-19, preliminary figures showed that more tests were carried out on Wednesday than most other dates since the pandemic began. At least 8,394 tests were conducted, nearly double the daily average since testing began, according to figures from 34 laboratories. Data has still not been provided from up to 15 more labs, which will likely raise the Wednesday total.

Since March 9, healthcare workers have carried out 378,912 tests.

The RIVM also said that 209 more people tested positive for an active coronavirus infection. At least 46,942 are known to have been diagnosed with Covid-19 since the end of February.​