EasyJet to begin flying from Schiphol again on July 1

EasyJet plans to start flying from Schiphol again from July 1, the airline announced on Tuesday. The number of flights will be lower due to reduced demand, but the airline plans to ultimately fly to 35 destinations from the Amsterdam Airport, NU.nl  reports.

"Thanks to the routes we will be flying again from July onwards, business travelers can make their essential trips again, people can be reunited with friends and family abroad, and hopefully also go on summer holidays if measures allow this," William Vet, manager of EasyJet Netherlands, said to the newspaper.

The budget airline will fly to 26 destinations in July, including Dubrovnik, Ibiza, Nice and Tel Aviv. Cities like Basel, Copenhagen and Rome will be added in August.

EasyJet is taking a number of measures to protect passengers and crew. The air on planes will be filtered, passengers' temperature will be taken before boarding, both passengers and crew will have to wear masks, and no food or drink will be served on board.