11 more Covid-19 deaths raises Dutch total to 5,822

Artist's rendition of the coronavirus
Artist's rendition of the SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the Covid-19 coronavirus diseaselightsourceDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

There were 11 more people who died from Covid-19 than previously known, said public health agency RIVM on Sunday. Eight of those deaths took place on Friday, raising that day's total up to 15.

Just one coronavirus related death was reported on Saturday, a figure that will likely rise as the agency receives more data. The other two deaths took place on May 20 and 21.

Some 5,822 people in the country are now known to have died from the coronavirus disease. Additionally, 11,672 have required treatment in a hospital for the illness.

The latter shows an increase of 13 compared to a day earlier. Nearly all of those new patient admissions took place in the past week, including the two hospital cases on Friday, and four more the previous day. It brings Thursday's total up to seven.

Since the end of February, 45,236 people have tested positive for the virus, 172 more than on Saturday, the RIVM said. The number of tests administered over the weekends is not reported by the RIVM, with new figures set for release on Monday at 2 p.m. As of Friday morning, 317,287 had been tested for an active viral infection.