Covid-19 update adds just ten deaths, 15 hospitalizations

Artist's rendition of the coronavirus
Artist's rendition of the SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the Covid-19 coronavirus diseaselightsourceDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

New statistics from public health agency RIVM confirmed the deaths of ten more people in the ongoing coronavirus crisis in the Netherlands, only two of which were known to have taken place on Saturday. Five more deaths were added to Friday's tally, bringing that day's total up to 12.

The agency said that it now knows of 5,680 deaths in total since the pandemic began. A few of the ten deaths disclosed by the RIVM on Sunday happened in late April or earlier in May.

An additional 15 hospitalizations related to respiratory illness Covid-19 were also added to the country's records. To date, 11,552 people have tested positive for the virus. The newly-reported hospitalizations mostly took place on Thursday and Friday, when 3 and 7 people were admitted to medical centers with Covid-19, respectively.

The additional hospital cases took place between March 17 and May 15. In the past, the reporting of deaths and hospitalizations have faced delays, particularly when those deaths happened over a weekend or holiday.

The agency said Sunday that 43,995 people in the Netherlands have tested positive for a coronavirus infection. That is an increase of 125 since Saturday.