Eredivisie teams asking for help from public

Multiple Eredivisie clubs announced a compensation scheme on Tuesday for disappointed fans who bought tickets for a prematurely ended season. Though almost all clubs asked their fans to forego a refund if they can do without the money, and support the club financially in this way, reports.

The Eredivisie matches being canceled resulted in a big loss of income for the clubs in professional football. The blow may be even worse, because there is a chance that matches next season will have to be played without an audience. The Dutch government said that it wants to only allow massive events once there is a coronavirus vaccine

Over the past weeks, the Eredivisie clubs discussed and came up with a general arrangement for supporters who had tickets for canceled matches. These supporters can get at least some of their money back in other forms, depending on the club.

Feyenoord, for example, is giving supporters the option of a discount on a season ticket for next season, or a voucher for the fan shop. PSV and AZ informed involved supporters of their options by email. The clubs told NU.n that their arrangements are similar to Feyenoord's. Ajax also informed supporters by email.