Mostly sunny and warm weekend ahead for Netherlands

Sunny day in Amsterdam

This weekend will be mostly sunny and warm in the Netherlands, with a chance of a few showers in the south and center of the country on Saturday. "Enjoying the nice weather is still best in the garden or on your balcony," Weeronline said. 

Friday is basked in sunshine, with maximums ranging from around 11 degrees in the north to 21 degrees in the south. As the day progresses, some clouds will start forming in the south.

Saturday will see sunshine in the north, and a mix of clouds and sun in the south and the center of the country. The southern half of the country may see a shower or two. Maximums will range between 16 degrees in the west and 21 degrees in the east.

Sunday is expected to have proper spring weather, with no rain and plenty of sunshine, and temperatures ranging from 14 degrees in the Wadden area and 22 degrees in the south.

Next week will see similar spring weather, with sunshine and little to no rain expected.