Leiden university hospital app to track Covid-19 spread in NL

LUMC coronavirus tracking app COVID Radar
LUMC coronavirus tracking app COVID RadarLUMCLUMC

The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) launched an app that collects data about symptoms and human behavior. With this COVID Radar app, the hospital wants to get a good and current picture of how the cronavirus is spreading in the Netherlands.

Users of the app will be asked to answer 15 questions about their health and behavior. A map of the Netherlands will show the answers of other app users in a postcode area. Users will be able to filter this data based on symptoms.

LUMC hopes that the app will give more insight into how the epidemic is developing, who is at greater risk of infection, the effects of social distancing, and when hospitals can expect a higher demand for care.

The Leiden hospital will initially use the app in context of the Leiden region. But the national data set is also available to other medical institutions and research centers. 

Download links for the app on Android and Apple devices can be found on the LUMC site