DDoS attack hinders popular food delivery service

A Thuisberzorgd.nl deliverer in Amsterdam
A Thuisberzorgd.nl deliverer in AmsterdamMassimoParisiDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

DDoS attacks caused food delivery service Thuisbezorgd a large number of problems on Wednesday evening. Customers' orders did not go through to the relevant restaurant after they already paid.

"We are working with all our might to fix the problem," the company said on Twitter. "Online paid orders that have not been completed and delivered will be refunded as soon as possible."

In a DDoS attack, a site is bombarded with so much digital information that the servers behind it get overloaded and the site crashes. It is not yet known when these problems will be resolved.

Thuisbezorgd and other food delivery services are currently playing an important role for restaurants in the Netherlands, which have been ordered closed except for takeaways and deliveries until at least April 6.