DIY shops more popular as people try to keep busy at home

Online stores are doing "extremely well" due to coronavirus restrictions keeping people at home. Online supermarkets are obviously flourishing, and DIY stores are also seeing double-digit sales increases, director Wijnand Jongen of branch organization said to NOS.

Stores selling anything to do with working from home are also profiting. "From laptops, iPads, to cables and screens, even chairs. You can hardly imagine it," Jongen said. 

But not all online sales are skyrocketing. The travel industry is at a standstill, Jongen said. "There is a total drop in demand. Nobody dares, wants or thinks about a trip or booking a holiday at all." 

The clothing sector is also seeing some sale declines. "Despite the nice weather, nobody is thinking about a new dress or jeans. That could change if people want to reward themselves when the crisis is over."