Most Netherlands residents not worried about flooding: survey

Summer storm floods street in Asten, 1 June 2016 (Photo: @Twann0/Twitter)Summer storm floods street in Asten, 1 June 2016 (Photo: @Twann0/Twitter)

Most residents of the Netherlands are not worried that they will eventually face major problems due to the increased risk of flooding climate change brings with it. 80 percent are "very" or "fairly" confident that the government will take appropriate measures in time, according to a survey of almost 1,100 people by the Flood Protection Program - an alliance of public works department Rijkswaterstaat and the water boards in the Netherlands, NOS reports.

The Flood Protection Program surveyed Dutch on their concerns of flooding to mark the 25ht anniversary of a major evacuation in Gelderland, Overijssel and Limburg due to dangerously high water levels in the Rijn, Maas and Waal rivers. Hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated. It was the largest evacuation in the Netherlands after the Second World War. 

Many of the respondents said that they are concerned about things like the rising sea levels and the melting polar ice caps. 93 percent believe it is necessary to take extra measures against floods, like strengthening existing and building new dikes, pumping stations and flood barriers.

But as most believe the government will take the right measures, many people don't find it necessary to think extensively about flooding when making large decisions. Only 3 percent of respondent said they are considering moving due to the risk of flooding in the future. 

According to the Flood Protection Program, government agencies nowadays are well aware that they must keep a close eye on the risk of flooding and whether the measures taken are still adequate. This is mainly due to the flood problems 25 years ago.