Fog, icy roads expected to cause busy morning rush hour

Road users in large parts of the Netherlands are warned to be careful of icy roads on Monday morning. Thick fog may also reduce visibility and hinder traffic, especially in Limburg and Noord-Brabant. Meteorological institute KNMI issued a code yellow warning. Travelers' association ANWB expects morning rush hour to be busier than usual.

The ice on the roads is expected to melt away through the course of the morning. The fog should also dissipate by mid-morning, according to the KNMI. Motorists are advised to drive slowly and keep a safe following distance. 

It is not only the weather conditions that will cause traffic problems on Monday morning. The ANWB already expected more traffic than usual around the large cities due to a leak in the Citrix system, used by many government services for outside communication. The leak means that officials who usually work from home will be unable to do so, and will have to go into the office - resulting in more cars on the road.

Monday will be cloudy, but dry, according to the KNMI. Afternoon temperatures will climb to around 7 degrees.