Dutch casting director not prosecuted over sexual intimidation accusations

Former casting director Job Gosschalk will not be prosecuted for sexual intimidation. Following a successful mediation process, the person who pressed charges against Gosschalk decided not to pursue the case any further, the Public Prosecution Service said on Friday. The case against the casting director is therefore conditionally suspended.

In the fall of 2017 multiple actors accused Gosschalk of sexual intimidation, but only one actually pressed charges.

"All's well that ends well", Gosschalk's lawyer Gerard Spong said to newspaper AD. "Although my client has been very badly damaged in this case. He has lost four businesses and lost his job, had to sell his house, and faced a storm of publicity." According to the lawyer, Gosschalk still feels "absolutely no need" to discuss this case with the media. "I don't have a crystal ball and I don't know what he will think about this in two months, but at the moment the answer is a clear no."

The lawyer could not say whether Gosschalk will return to his work in the casting world. "He is considering his future, which can vary from running a simple teahouse somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea to his old work", Spong said to the newspaper.