Light show GLOW Eindhoven attracts 770,000 visitors

Sunflowers for Van Gogh at GLOW Eindhoven, Nov 2019
Sunflowers for Van Gogh at GLOW Eindhoven, Nov 2019Bart van OverbeekeCourtesy of GLOW Eindhoven

The 14th edition of light show GLOW Eindhoven attracted 770 thousand visitors to the city in the eight days the event was held. The organizers are very satisfied with this year's festival, which had the theme Living Colors, and consider it a great success. 

A diversity of artworks made of light, ranging from small and refined to large and impressive, covered a 5 kilometer route through the city center of Eindhoven. "This balance earned the festival a lot of praise from both visitors and organizers of international light art festivals", the GLOW Eindhoven organizers said in a press release.

Artwork Sunflowers for Van Gogh, by Hugo Vrijdag in collaboration with ASML, Van Gogh Brabant, Qinhuai light festival in Nanjing and the Van Gogh Museum, was named a visitors' favorite. Color Symphony by Jan Fabel, Dirk van Poppel and Erwin Steijlen in collaboration with Signify was widely shared on social media. 

The next staging of GLOW Eindhoven will have the theme 'Urban Skin.' The 15th edition is scheduled to take place between November 7th and 14th, 2020.