Likely explosion at Eindhoven home: Resident extremely fearful of "targeted" attack

Explosion on Verwerstraat in Eindhoven
A likely explosion ripped through the door and entryway of a three-flat apartment building in Eindhoven. Nov. 9, 2019. (Photo: NL Times)

A possible explosion at a block of flats in Eindhoven has left residents shaken and concerned for their safety. Police told NL Times the apparent blast during the early morning hours on Saturday could have been caused by a heavy explosive, like a hand grenade or a Cobra-6 firework.

Whatever was detonated created a force strong enough to completely shatter the front door window of a three-flat building, said a resident there who wished to remain anonymous. She said pieces of debris went flying, tearing up the walls, interior doors including the entry to her apartment, and closets.

Police confirmed they were dispatched to the Verwerstraat in the Gildebuurt neighborhood just before 3:45 a.m. However responding officers were not able to initially pinpoint what happened, and were unable to gather enough evidence to launch a more comprehensive investigation.

"I'm scared shitless and police said they can't do anything," said the victim to NL Times. "I am 99% sure I was targeted." 

She said she is obviously concerned, and has a few thoughts on who might have committed the crime, but she did not want this information published. Police would not confirm or deny that they were looking into the conduct of a specific suspect due to privacy rules and so as to not compromise the investigation.

The victim also said she saw one person leaving the scene by bicycle shortly before the blast. "The thing is I somehow woke up one second before the [bang]. I woke up, I saw a shadow getting up and leaving on a bike." She heard what sounded like an explosion just after the man rode past her bedroom window.

Residents were unable to contact the owner of the building, a Dutch person residing in Malta, and were trying to work with building management to arrange for a maintenance worker to fix the front door on Saturday. But for the fearful resident, the repair work alone cannot heal the emotional damage.

"I haven't slept one bit. I'm in a constant state of alertness," she said. "I'm going to a hotel because I'm afraid now; I can't sleep in this house again."

Damage caused by debris from an explosion in Eindhoven
Damage caused by debris from an explosion in Eindhoven on the Verwerstraat. Nov. 9, 2019. (Photo: NL Times)