Fog, scattered showers cause busy morning rush hour

The A20 was jammed up near Spaanse Polder in Rotterdam towards Gouda, at the A13 junction. Nov. 5, 2019
The A20 was jammed up near Spaanse Polder in Rotterdam towards Gouda, at the A13 junction. Nov. 5, 2019Photo: Rijkswaterstaat

The roads across the Netherlands were jammed up more than usual just before the Tuesday morning rush hour was underway. There were local reports of fog in several parts of the country, as well as rain and scattered showers in several provinces.

A rough rush hour was likely on the roads both Tuesday morning and at the end of the workday, according to infrastructure agency Rijkswaterstaat.

About 190 areas of traffic congestion caused delays along 865 kilometers of roadways, travel association ANWB reported at 7:55 a.m. A cargo load of aluminum dumped out on the westbound A1 near Apeldoorn, and an accident east of there on the same highway caused problems a little earlier in the morning. Driving along the A1 from Almelo to Baarn was still problematic after the incidents were cleaned up.

The A2 from Eindhoven to Hilversum was also meddlesome, as well as the A20 in both directions around Rotterdam, the A4 and A44 in all directions between Den Haag and Amsterdam. There were also delays around Nijmegen, Arnhem, Den Bosch and Breda as commuters began their day.

Misty weather was likely to have an impact on visibility, with denser fog in the north of the country, according to weather agency KNMI. Rain was predicted in the morning for Noord-Holland, Zeeland, and Limburg, with downpours later in the day expected in Friesland in the afternoon. People in Noord-Holland, Utrecht, and Overijssel were likely to see scattered showers throughout the day.

A light wind to start the day could even escalate to heavier gusts at the coast in the early evening hours, KNMI said. The temperature was likely to peak at about 11 or 12 degrees across the Netherlands on Tuesday, dropping as low as 5 degrees overnight.