Snow to cause fewer problems for train traffic this year, NS promises

NS train in the snow
NS train in the snowPhoto: nilaya/DepositPhotos

NS made changes to its policy for regional timetable adjustments so that it can be more flexible in dealing with local snowfall. This should mean a reduction in train cancellations on snowy days, the rail company pledged in comments to the Telegraaf.

Previously, changes to regional timetables had to be made at least 12 hours in advance and applied to a whole section of a day. Now changes must be made at least four hours an advance, and apply for at least two hours.

"On balance, this means we can be more flexible when making decisions and be more focused on the weather forecasts", an NS spokesperson said to the newspaper. "It allows us more customization and gives us the chance to reduce the number of trains being canceled."

The policy for changes to the national timetable remains the same. "That really needs to be announced a day in advance in order to prepare everything properly", the spokesperson said.