Tinder, four other dating sites don't comply with Dutch privacy laws: Consumer group

Dating platforms Tinder, Happn, 50plusmatch, Parship, and Paiq are in violation of Dutch privacy law, according to consumers association Consumentenbond. They place tracking cookies without users' permission and their privacy statements are intentionally vague about who they share information with, according to the association.

Consumentenbond investigated 10 dating platforms and found that half of them violate the General Data Protection Regulation. All five above mentioned sites place tracking cookies - which show other sites your browsing history, for example for placing ads - before visitors accepted these cookies. Tinder, Parship and Paiq also forwarded the tracking information to Facebook.

The consumers' association addressed the dating sites on this violation of the General Data Protection Regulation. Happn, 50plusmatch, and Paiq adjusted their cookies policy. Tinder and Parship did not. 

Nine out of the ten checked sites' privacy statements are too vague. According to Consumentenbond, all the dating platforms except e-Matching are intentionally vague about what data they collect, what they do with this data, and who they share information with.

The ten dating platforms Consumentenbond investigated:

  • Badoo
  • e-Matching
  • Happn
  • Lexa
  • Paiq
  • Parship
  • Pepper
  • Relatie Planet
  • Tinder
  • 50plusmatch