13 arrested in UK in British-Dutch drug ring bust

The British police arrested 13 people on Friday in an investigation into drug trafficking from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom. The British and Dutch gang suspected of being behind this operation is believed to have smuggled over 50 tons of drugs from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom, AD reports.

The British National Crime Agency believes this is the largest drug smuggling ring ever busted in Britain. The suspects arrested on Friday form the British branch of a gang that used fake Dutch and British companies to smuggle heroin, cocaine and cannabis. In April, four men and two women were arrested in the Netherlands on suspicion of being involved in this drug ring. They are awaiting extradition to the UK.

Three drug shipments linked to this gang were intercepted in September. A total of 351 kilos of cocaine, 92 kilos of heroin, 250 kilos of cannabis, and 1,850 kilos of hashish were seized. The British authorities believe that there were more shipments that weren't intercepted.