Jumbo recalls dozens of meat products over listeria concerns

Jumbo is recalling dozens of pre-packed meat products because the production location of one of the suppliers may be contaminated with the listeria bacteria. The supermarket chain is also removing these products from the shelves of all its stores, Jumbo said in a statement.

The recall includes a total of 135 different meat products, such as pre-packaged chicken fillet, ham and bacon. A full list can be found here. Consumers are urged to bring the meat back to the supermarket for a refund. 

Jumbo removed all the potentially contaminated meat from their shelves, so the products currently available in store are safe to consume. 

The supplier informed Jumbo about the listeria contamination. The listeria bacteria can cause food poisoning. The chance of infection is small, but the consequences can be great. Pregnant women in particular should be wary of this bacteria, as it can lead to miscarriage or premature birth.