Hague aldermen's homes, offices raided in corruption investigation

Two aldermen in The Hague are suspected of bribery and corruption, the Public Prosecutor said in a statement. Their homes and offices in the city hall were raided on Tuesday by officers from the Rijksrecherche, an investigative department that handles investigations into government members and government services.

The aldermen involved are Richard de Mos and Rachid Guernaoui. De Mos is alderman of Economy, Sport and Outdoor Space and first deputy mayor. Guernaoui is alderman of Finance, Integration and Districts. The aldermen are suspected of accepting bribes to arrange permits, among other things.

Officers also searched the offices of a number of civil servants and the homes of three entrepreneurs in The Hague. The entrepreneurs are suspected of bribery.

One of the suspected entrepreneurs is on the list of candidates of Groep De Mos. He is suspected of supporting this party financially in exchange for favors, including confidential information from the city council. One of the suspected civil servant is a city councilor for Groep De Mos. 

The investigation is focused on official corruption, bribery, and violation of official confidentiality. Dozens of Rijksrecherche investigators and two prosecutors are involved in the raids.