Dozens of people under security after defense lawyer's murder: report

After the murder of defense lawyer Derk Wiersum in Amsterdam last week, extra security measures were taken for dozens of people. These include judges and prosecutors involved in the case against Ridouan Taghi or related cases, sources told NOS.

According to the broadcaster's sources, 20 to 30 people are now under extra security measures, both visible and invisible. Some had surveillance cameras installed on their street, in some cases the police are doing extra patrols in their neighborhoods, and some now have personal body guards from the DKDB, the service that offers protection to members of the Royal family and PVV leader Geert Wilders. 

How long these security measures will remain in place is unclear, the broadcaster's sources said. That depends on a number of factors, including the seriousness of the threat against them and what is revealed in the investigation into Wiersum's murder.

Wiersum, a 44-year-old father of two, was shot dead while with his wife outside of their home in the Buitenveldert neighborhood of Amsterdam. The defense attorney died at the scene soon after the 7:30 a.m. incident on Wednesday.

The authorities currently assume that Wiersum was assassinated because he was representing Nabil B., a crime suspect turned informant. B. was giving testimony since last year against the drug-centered criminal organization allegedly run by Ridouan Taghi. B. linked Taghi to eight separate murders, two attempted murders, and preparations for two more assassinations. The suspected offender is a young man between the ages of 16 and 20 years.

Last week Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus of Justice and Security announced that a team under the direction of the national coordinator for counter terrorism and security NCTV was looking into better protection for judges, prosecutors and lawyers. A spokesperson for the NCTV would not tell NOS anything about what security measures are involved. According to him, the NCTV never comments on security.